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WLA Writing Prompt Contest #1

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Aug 10, 2018
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EDIT: Please submit all entries WITHIN the thread within spoiler tags. No outside links or documents as some people might have trouble opening your entries. Thanks! If you don't know how to add a spoiler around your text, use the code below.

entry here
Everyone was kind of talking about writing and such and there wasn't much to go on, so I figured would of the best ways to start is just hosting something myself.
Prompts are a very common way to host a contest of sorts and it's interesting to see some of the replies that people come up with.

So, without further ado!
The first WLA Writing Prompt Contest hosted by yours truly, Dub. That's sub with a D.

Here are some rules:
  • You must choose one of the three prompts listed. Future prompts will be selected by the three winners each with their own selected prompt.
  • Only one entry per person and it must be submitted before the deadline. You will post all entries within this thread along with your selected prompt at the top. If you submit your entry and want to change it later, that's fine! Edit your post! Anything posted before deadline will be considered the final edit. Entries can be any length below/up to 2000 words so long as they fit the description and must abide by all side-wide rules and guidelines. Please submit all entries WITHIN the thread within spoiler tags. No outside links or documents as some people might have trouble opening your entries. Thanks!
  • Entries will be judged by me and three selected staff members using a custom judging system. The system is made to be unbiased and prevent member and staff favoritism using a customized point system.
  • If there is a tie between one or more members holding first place, they will both receive first place rewards but the Paypal money will be split.
  • All entries must be in English, but English and Grammar will not be judged due to a number of ESL members within the forums and Discord. If English is not your native language, please try to correct as much as you can. Content alone in every entry will be judged. We still must be able to read your entry and understand it.
  • Anyone judging for the current contest is unable to win but they may still enter. If you win any place in this contest you are unable to win the following contest. You may still enter but will be barred from the point system until the next contest has ended. You may enter and win again after the follow contest has passed.
  • Anyone caught stealing other people's works will be barred from entry and prizes. No plagiarism. No exceptions. There are several ways to check for plagiarism. This is meant to be fun, don't ruin it for yourself and others.
Contest usergroups, medals, and paypal cash provided by WLA staff. The forum sets are provided by me.
  1. First place: Contest winner usergroup and medal + 10$ Paypal, and a custom forum set (signature and avatar).
  2. Second place: Contest winner usergroup and medal + a custom forum set (signature and avatar)
  3. Third place: Medal and choice between a custom signature or avatar.
The medal all 3 winners will get:


All three winners will each get to pick a prompt for the next contest!

I don't have many examples of my graphics available at the moment, but here's one to give you an idea. I'm not good with animations, sorry.


Here are the prompts!
  • Trees suddenly burst to life. They’re tired of people using them for decoration and killing them to make houses and paper. War now rages between humans and Ents.
  • Two exes meet by chance at a party 40 years later.
  • You die. As per nerdy request, your tombstone is inscribed with “Game over//Continue?” with a little slot for coins. One day, someone puts in a coin and you burst out of your grave.

Deadline for Entries: 9/15/2018 @ 12:59am CST

Rules, rewards, and deadlines are subject to change.
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Aug 9, 2018
Here is my final copy, Hope you enjoy!
I chose the prompt about the war with the Ents btw.
Here is the link to the file:
This spoiler is the entire story:
Rise of the Ents
A short story by Meliodas

-Excerpts from the log of Commander James Treekiller of the Allied Forces-

_8/13/3021-Commanders Log_
Tomorrow will mark 50 years of our war, and we are no closer to winning. All we can do is hold them off until we can find a solution to our problem. My soldiers fight on the front lines every day, all of us have lost something to the “Ents”, those mysterious tree-beings who wield supreme powers over strength and nature.
-log end-

_8/19/3021-Commanders Log_
We thought we would be safe when we mourned our losses on the mark of the 50th year…..we were wrong. The Ents..they came from everywhere, through the ground they killed those they could find, out of the sky they fell killing thousands with their impacts, and they broke through the wall...trampling all in their path. Now what's left of my squadron is hiding out in an old city, avoiding their patrols and trying to meet up with the rest of the main force. If we are found….we will not stand a chance.

_8/27/3021-Commanders Log_
I can hear their footsteps.., they're right outside of where we’re hiding. My soldiers are scared out of their minds, we can hear the deep, primedal voices of the Ents which strike terror into the hearts of any man. Wait--they are breaking in! Hold the doors.../-AHHHHHH…
-log end-

_9/15/3021-Commanders Log_
I am the last one left….they took my arm and killed my squad, leaving me for dead. I see no reason to have hope now...Humanity is surely done for, I might just die now...to end the unceasing pain.
-log end-

_9/19/3021-Commanders Log_
I was about to end myself..and the pain when our patrols found me. I don't remember much except being carried semi-conscious into the nearest med-center. When I woke up I was ashamed that I almost abandoned humanity and hardships by suicide. They praised me as a hero for surviving, if only they had known how close I was to death.
-log end-

_10/11/3021-Commanders Log_
About 3,000,000 people of the Human population remain, our “Earth has been mutilated and destroyed beyond recognition. We have but one choice left….to space we must venture. The allied forces plan to make one last stand while the rockets take off, meaning some of us will be left behind. I volunteered to stay behind, hoping I might be able to repay part of the debt to my squad, for leading them to their deaths.
-log end-

_12/1/3021-Commanders Log_
I can hear the rockets launching in the distance...the Ents will be here soon. We have been armed with the best fighting technology to date, in a hope we might be able to end this and live on after this fight..but i do not believe this to be possible. Humanity will make its last stand against the Ents today…..I hope I will have the honor of dying in the name of Humanity. I am putting my logs aboard the last ship to leave, believing that they will be of use to someone in the future.

Farewell comrades, Treekiller out.
-log end-

Thus ends the private logs of Commander James Treekiller. Humanity did live on in space, they flourished in fact, finding a habitable planet not too far from Earth. They made sure not to repeat the mistakes of their ancestors, and made peace with the local Flora and Fauna as soon as they arrived.
Tree Killer was honored as a hero of his time, and his logs were made available for all to see for years to come.

-The End-
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Jul 14, 2018
true love is hard to find..hah.
can you meet true love again?
do you understand what i mean by that?

“so what is it gonna be, ashley?” said julie. i don’t know guys, it just isn’t for me... “really? cmon, it’s gonna be fun!” zoey said exaggerating. i’d rather stay in my peaceful home, laying on my comfortable bed, reading a book instead of going to a party. “oh my, we aren’t young forever ashley! we promise we won’t bother you again if you have fun with us, promise!” yelled kimmy. okay fine. i’ll go with you guys to the party. i haven’t had fun in a while anyways.. “NOW THERE’S THE SPIRIT!!!!!” the three girls screamed.

author note: i name this whole story “true love”.

“so where we lan- KIDDING THIS IS GAY - NOT PART OF THE STORY! (why did I think this was funny? dead meme. also does this count as breaking the 4th wall..)

i just don’t know guys, it just seems boring nowadays. i mean yeah going to parties is cool..20-30 years ago. we just do the same thing over and over again, i want a change. james said to his pals. they were all playing cards. “what’s going on james? what makes you say all this?” said joey.
“yeah mate, we’ve been going to parties for over 50 years, and you always loved it!” said tommy.
it’s nothing guys, i’m just saying, don’t you feel tired? is this all we’re really living for? going to parties just to have fun?. yeah having fun is great, but you know, i just feel like i want something more..you might be having fun but that doesn’t mean you’re really happy inside. “woah brodies, am i the only one hearing this, or has jamie boy gon depressed!” zach said laughing. they all started laughing. haha very funny guys..but really, do you guys enjoy doing this all the time? “i mean that’s basically what we’re borned to do james, have fun. we have to enjoy all the time we have before we’re gone. you know, die lit. (++** !) said tommy. hmm..yeah i guess you’re right, you know what? let’s go have some fun boys! “now we’re talking james!” they all said.

author note: yeah idk, it’s the next day and uhhh

SWOOSH “alright boys, let’s get lit!” yelled zach.
“YEAH!” they all said. ~ now, this party is a usual one with a bunch of people. some familiar people would be cowboy roidy, sitting down in his seat with a hard beer. “aye YEE YEE partners!”. “aye roidy” they said. and right next to cowboy roidy would be his pal uncle rusty (not really a uncle, everyone calls him that) “yippee kai ye boys!” “aye uncle rust” the boys said. then there are the twin sisters lissa and kate, they are foreign and have been here for a couple months. “hey boys” they said seductively. “hey-yy girls” the four boys said
and finally, the last noticeable person you would remember at one of these parties would be crazy rick aka drunk crazy rick. he usually drinks all the liquor. “AYE HOW YOU DOING THERE BOYS” he yelled swerving. “fine thank you crazy rick, have a good time haha” joey said. the four boys split up to do their own things. ~
“alright girls, are we all looking nice? we gotta be looking good before we go into the party!” said kimmy. “yes yessss were good kimmy let’s go!” said zoey. SWOOSH “ahhhh woo!” the girls yelled. “imma go get a drink” said ashley. “alright we’ll be dancing if you need us!” said zoey. “sigh, i wonder if tommy is here” said julie. “ugh girl, how can you put up with him i mea- “hey ladies” tommy said. “AHHHHHH me and kimmy are going to the couch..” said zoey. ~~~~
“man, one beer left! cmon rick..” james muttered.
ahh whatever he turns around, *bump* “oops sorry i-“ “no no that was-“ .. “ash...ashley?” “ashley wow is that you?” said james. “james..wow, i-i never thought i’d see you again..” “yeah same, i guess we just happened to come to the same party” “yea” “anyways, um..how you been? it’s been what? 40 years.” “yeah, you know i’ve just been doing things on my own, staying home all day, and reading i guess” “ah yeah, i remember you always liked reading those weird anime manga books haha” “yeah haha” …. “okay really though ashley, i know we haven’t seen each other in a while. i really was trying to say this even before you disappeared and left me. “huh?” “ashley i know i hurt you back then. and i wanted to say sorry before you left. truth is, i really loved you then, and i still do now. i know this might be weird but for these past years all I’ve been doing is thinking about you, i hate going to parties. i’d rather be with you at home doing something.” “james...i..I really feel the same...you know i’ve just been staying home..i was trying to boost up my confidence just to call you again but i-“ james leans in and kisses her. ~~~~~~~~~~ “james..i” “let’s get out of here ashley, this party isn’t for us, let’s go to a arcade.”
“okay james.” *the two walk out the door* …
everyone in the party looks around wondering how things changed so fast. crazy rick jumps out of the couch goes to the middle of the room and yells “AYE GUYS! NOW THAT’S WHAT I CALL TRUE LOVE!”

author note: yep..that is true love.




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Jun 10, 2018
Using the first prompt
As the wind howled a faint silhouette peered over the landscape with disdain of the current situation the world is in. The very race it had once vouched for, caused utter devastation after the banishment of the higher beings. Several millennia towards the present and now the seal has weakened causing the era of humanity to face a threat so large that extinction was likely.

“Do you see the state of our world, as we were banished to the hollow depths of the earth, gods favourites have ravaged the lands and left it barren. The resources of the underworld have already become so small; however, these ignorant beings have ruined the very cycle of nature.” Said an elderly figure with skin like bark resembling the wrinkles of an elderly man during the last few years of his life.

A human-like creature covered in a mystical green vine, like a fairy only mentioned in folklore gazed into the distance, observing the fabled overworld said to be rich in resources. A place much more pleasant than the dingy depths of the below.

“I understand now, the gods have already lost interest in this world, but there most loyal dogs have been left behind, surely these ignorant defectors won’t be hard to crush.” Replied the fairy giving off a mysterious vibe.

With that the creatures that had gathered round scattered to the ends of the world, enduring and preparing for the upheaval of the earth. The war of races, the comeback of the ancients was near.

“Is it just me or is it much warmer these days, I keep sweating I might just die from dehydration.” Said Kyle with a look of fatigue on his face.

A slim but mild-looking fellow with unkempt hair, fanning the revision material on his face asked his friend that sat beside him in class.

“My Grandad said it’s gods will, the humans will suffer for the way we treat it, a bunch of bullshit I say its climate change I tell you.” Replied a lanky fellow, who also had an exhausted expression on his face.

“Woah do you feel that? The floor is trembling slightly what the fuck!” shouted Kyle

Suddenly the building shook with great immensity, the floor riddled with cracks, emitting heat of considerable proportions. A vague figure dashed out of the crevices that appeared, a humanoid silhouette akin to a well-built male, shining with metallic lustre. It shot out towards a teacher inserting its forearm into his head as if made of sponge.

“Interesting, these irritating degenerates have improved quite a bit, oh it seems that the condition of Earth is much better than what we expected. This amount of improvement is astounding no wonder the gods favoured these weak pests.” Said the metallic being filled with obvious contempt of the humans before him.

With a smirk, he vanished leaving a lasting impression on Kyle, a feeling of dread the sense of imminent danger. A feeling humanity has not come across in all its glorious history, as the figure left the area cooled down, although it never rained a puddle emerged beside the young man signifying the terror he felt.

Within a secret base, the men were bustling and working harder than ever before, unsure of why the workload became so immense the atmosphere was rigid with a hint of concern plastered across the faces of these soldiers. With their years of training and operations is was safe to say something big was bound to happen.

A fat bloke with a Cuban cigar sat on a chair with a stern expression, all over his screen was reported sightings of unidentified creatures. Beside him, a bunch of documentation which contained images seem like the silhouettes listed on the screen. A puddle of sweat had formed on the floor, the man was unaware of the face which he was pulling. The face was of utter despair and disbelief, the secret files which he had deemed nonsense was real. Ancient legends of creatures such as Ents and spirits had emerged, the records of the greater gods had been real. With a twist of his wrist, the man pushed a button underneath his desk activating an intercom.

“Zen it is me, activate gods plan to clean up the confusion and take all suitable personnel. I’ve seen it myself now. I’m convinced that this project is what we need to counter this mess, wire all available funds towards your research.” Said the plump man with trickles of sweat still oozing down his face clearly vexed and concerned over these current matters.

“Certainly, sir I have been waiting for this, the time for humans to rise has come. They say people fish in troubled waters and now all our research has proven to be worth the investments.” Replied the mysterious individual with an insidious smirk which could send shivers down one’s spine.

With that the intercom was disconnected, the person with that insidious smile was genuinely happy but similarly under pressure. It seems the hope of humanity was now upon him, but he was prepared for this. Within that crafty countenance surfaced his heroic charisma and his utter pride for humanity. It is only with people like this that humanity would thrive within the hardest of times.

“Bring me the file regarding that Kyle, unexpectedly his encounter of the foreign race has seemed to activate gods gene naturally, interesting. Don’t just bring the file, fetch Kyle himself too, we only have a couple years.” Shouted the man in a serious tone, time was of the essence and it seemed he had to pull in all the resources he could get. Kyle a victim in all this was bound to face countless hardships however, this was a chance for revenge and a chance to reach a higher power.

After the earthquake incident, apart from the students, no one knew what really happened at the site. With the government providing money and care the witnesses were dealt with quietly ensuring no mass panic ensued. Kyle the unfortunate lad had been deemed dead, although that wasn’t really the case. He was blacked out unconscious and escorted away by tall buff men in black suits, no one gave them any trouble and let them carry out their task without much interference. As they got in their vehicles and drove away a small pair of eyes looked towards them with curiosity. An up and coming reporter eager for a new story was piqued by such a peculiar scene and couldn’t help but wonder what really happened within that school. With that she called a taxi and followed them along, while the taxi driver was vexed by the eagerness of the woman the only thing stopping him from kicking her out was the money he would make. He then drove towards them with a smirk not knowing what sort of trouble the woman had involved him in.

“Ugh, where am I? I don’t recall being in the hospital last time I checked. Wait what the actual fuck wasn’t I at school. W-w-wasn’t I meant to be dead!??” Kyle thought in his mind soon realizing what had happened before he went unconscious. The mere thought of that monster sent his hair on end with ripples of shivers down his back producing cold sweat.

The sudden change of environment had caused him to panic, hopping out the bed he ran as all he could think of was that herculean being, showing his immense strength causing all his fear to come out and soil himself silly. As he ran he faced a huge automated door which suddenly opened with an authentic sounding but oddly electric voice stating the following.

“Welcome Kyle, as an awakened you have been granted access to God’s plan enjoy your stay.”

As he entered the massive room, he noticed all eyes were on him with various hands clapping causing him to be in utter confusion.

“Where the fuck is this, why are these idiots clapping. Huh, God’s plan? Was this some form of cult?” With an odd expression, Kyle tidied himself up preparing himself to question these strangers.

“Excuse me whe-“ Kyle got interrupted by the man with a crafty smile, his eyes filled with an intent so deep Kyle was left awed by him unconsciously.

“Welcome Kyle this is God’s Plan! the only frontline to face the impending threat we face, you have seen for yourself what we are going to be up against. You are here today as the god gene within you has activated. Just thank god himself for such fortuities encounters your path to immortality has officially opened.”

With a grin, the man then proceeded to inform Kyle of the situation of the world and answered all his questions. After a couple of hours of constant discussion, Kyle was sent to a training facility with aims to make him into an elite a so-called ‘Hero’.

“Hmm this all seems so farfetched but it doesn't hurt trying, that creep listed so many benefits seemed like a waste to turn such an offer down. He mentioned god gene and immortality, if it was before the incident I wouldn’t have believed such drivel but now? This is a god sent opportunity and I should do my everything to get revenge on that douchebag.” Thought Kyle.

After a short while, Kyle was taken away again by buff men in suits and escorted to a private Jet whizzing him away to god knows where. It was evident that everything was in a rush just cementing the idea in Kyles' head that big things were ahead and his path to something greater was just beginning. As they left that pest of a reporter that had been camping outside the base finally glimpsed at the seemingly alive student Kyle walk out among the buff men with a massive grin, getting into a limo and zooming off. With no taxis in sight, the reporter could only sigh her big story escaped just as she was about to get a hold of something.

A few years on and Earth has been through several changes, rumours amiss of the comeback of folklore. Beings of legends being spotted in all corners of the world. Some wise men caught a whiff of all the rumours seemingly preparing themselves for an apocalyptic event. Near a village in eastern China, a group of children in their adventures stumbled upon a large pile of dead skin seemingly brimming with vitality. Without much thought one of the more sophisticated children whipped out his new phone seemingly excited to share what he found online. Suddenly a snake seemingly popped out of nowhere observing the children. The child with his phone recorded everything, even with such a large snake staring at him. The children ran as far as they could little do they know that the snake had no interest in them whatsoever and left.

A few days later there was a sensational new viral video spreading like wildfire, someone had spotted a genuine flood dragon only known as legends in Chinese myth. The video soon got circulated to the ends of the world sparking a widespread panic, the seemingly ludicrous rumours spreading seemed to feel very real to human society. Following the instant viral success, various large corporations and governments had come out stating that humans would face a new era, however, the fact that they are prepared. New rumours circulating that super mutant humans had been developed to serve as the heroes of humanity.

Within the jungles of Brazil, humans had been rampantly chopping trees down. Amid worries that a war may erupt output had skyrocketed. Suddenly trees suddenly burst to life. They’re tired of people using them for decoration and killing them to make houses and paper. War now rages between humans and Ents. Blood was shed leaving a grim scene.

“Fucking Ents who do you think you are, looking down on humanity? I will show you why we received God's blessing NOW DIE FOR ME!”


Jun 28, 2018
after some hesitation, finally decided to submit this
second prompt

40 years ago, a teenage girl who was about 15 years old is weeping over a letter, alone in an empty apartment unit…

Present - 30th August 30, 2018

A middle aged lady is sitting gracefully and elegantly in a luxurious limousine, her name is Lisa.

Three days ago, Lisa is invited by an anonymous person to an important dance party. Although she is suspicious, but as a well-known actress, she need to attend it.

Despite of her age, she looks as if still at her early 30th, beautiful and elegant with all the luxurious looking accessories and jewel. She caught all the attention from people as soon as she stepped into the ballroom. Lisa really enjoy the feeling of been noticed and admired by the crowd, however this doesn’t last long. She saw that familiar rear of a man she had been looking for the past 40 years.

40 years ago, Lisa is in love with a man, although it’s just a short 20 days, it was the sweetest memory for Lisa. However that man suddenly left her with no reason leaving her with a letter of apologize.

Lisa slowly approached that man. “Jason…Is that you?”. The man turned around and to Lisa’s surprise and shock, it is that man and he looks exactly the same as 40 years ago.

“Is that really him? But why did he not getting older? Could he be just someone related to him? But that feeling… it is him for sure, but why?” Lisa thought.

The man looks at her for a moment, and then he realized something. “Excuse me, are you Miss Lisa Wintone?” “Yes…I am.” Without saying anything the man hand over a small notebook to Lisa, he bowed politely to her before leaving the ball room.

Lisa stared at that note book anxiously, that’s the note book Jason had with him all the time. Out of curiosity, she flip opened the notebook… It’s a journal/diary….


10th June 1978

Hi, Jason’s here, today is the first day of my mission, I’m instructed to follow and observe a girl with the name Lisa Wintone. I saw her at the public high school, she is a really an energetic and sweet girl. Why such a sweet girl like this become a subject of observation for the organization?

11th June 1978

Finally get a chance to interact with Lisa Wintone, as a temporary teacher in the high school. Found that she is a really nice person. Have some conversation with her regarding the school matters.

15th June 1978

Lisa and I had become closer and more interaction with each other. Is this what people called as friendship? But the way Lisa looks at me today is a bit weird or rather intimating. Looking into her innocent eyes, I really don’t want to cause any harm to this girl.

25th June 1978

Lisa confessed to me today, I should have rejected it but… I can’t… What am I even thinking? Why am I accepting her confession? I shouldn’t have accepted it but… Is this what they called as ‘falling in love’? But I really don’t want to hurt her!

30th June 1978

Today is our first date, we went to Lisa’s favorite amusement park, I could say that this might be the happiest day in my life, I never thought I will have a chance to went to an actual amusement park. But…am I doing the right thing.

3rd July 1978

There isn’t much time left…should I tell her the truth? But looking at her pure and happy smile, I can’t… I can’t let her know the awful truth.

5th July 1978

Only ten days left, they will come to ‘collect’ me at 15th July for some ‘reprocessing’… but I don’t want to leave Lisa! Aren’t there’s anyway for me to stay here?

10th July 1978

I heard some of my senior said that, after I been send back, all my memories for these days will be removed… No…No! I don’t want to forget you, Lisa!!!

13th July 1978

What should I do? I want to be with her… How should I tell her the truth? Damn!!! Why are you doing this to me??!!

14th July 1978

Today we went to a very luxurious restaurant, the food there is so nice, Lisa looks so happy, she told me she had successfully applied to a famous art school, she want to be an actress in the future, she looks so cute when she is excited about her ambition. Before we went home, I bought her a ring, she looks so happy.

15th July 1978

Lisa…I’m sor…(some messy line)

After finish reading the journal, Lisa is covered with tears, never did she thought that the truth is something like this…

However, as she decided to close the journal, she noticed a few written pages at the last few pages of the journal, which looks like just newly written…


27th Aug 2018

Jason’s here, glad to find this diary, this shall help me a lot in my mission of assassinating Lisa Wintone.

28th Aug 2018

Hmm… had somehow tricked her to attend that dance party, will she come? Ha! She surely will, she is a famous actress that really care about her fame.

29th Aug 2018

Had just smeared some deadly poison that will penetrate through people skin all over this little diary.

30th Aug 2018

Oh! You just realized it? Hahaha! It’s too late! This poison is able to kill a full grown adult without any noticeable sign after an hour you had touched it… which is supposed to be…hmm…3…2…1…bye!

The End.



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Aug 19, 2018
I'm so shy for submitting my first writing prompt, it was hard to shorten it. It's literally at 2,000 words :P

Some parts were rushed and some are long, I did try my best.

I used the third prompt ^^
“Why is it so dark, the last thing I can recall is that I was in my hospital bed, dying. This could be the afterlife, but it is so dark. I’ve heard rumours that the afterlife is just nothingness, I don’t get any of this. How can I still have thoughts if I’m dead? Wait I can feel something, something feeling like bread crumbs. No this couldn’t be, I must still be alive. I have to dig out if that’s the case, a second shot at life has arrived!” The person started punching through the grave until he was finally able to bust his way out.

Upon arriving out of his grave he inspected his tombstone and noticed it has his dying words on it along with a coin slot, he looks around and notices that the only tombstone around him is his own in the middle of a cold forest in night time. He crouches down and slowly picks up the coin.

“So, Bodhi. Seems like the trick worked” A voice spoke behind Bodhi.

“Wait what!” Bodhi quickly turned his head towards to the figure behind him and it was a person wearing a black hoodie, black jeans and a black bandana. This guy was dressed to hide his identity. “Who are you!?” Bodhi asked.

“You may not be familiar with this term, I was born from a ‘Kyron’. When a person is born with supernatural powers each child they have will inherit the supernatural power as well, that person is then known as a Kyron. When the child becomes an adult and has kids, the supernatural power will carry down to the kids and the cycle will carry on. I have the power to resurrect people under a specific circumstance, the method off resurrection has to be connected to the person's life passion. In your case you have a passion towards arcades and even asked to have your tombstone to have a reference to an arcade, by following the instructions given on your tombstone I was able to resurrect you. You can call me Raze.” Raze explained.

“That sounds insane! But you have resurrected me, so I’ll believe you.” Bodhi said anxiously. “How come you have decided to resurrect me off all people?!” Bodhi asked while slowly walking up to Raze.

“Before I can explain that I need to tell you about a corrupted Kyron, I have never been in this sort of situation before so I need your help. Recently a Kyron went corrupt. He’s killed thousands of people with intense anger. It is rumoured that this corrupted Kyron has inherited a new immense power which could give him the power needed to end all life on earth!” Raze placed his hand on Bodhi’s right shoulder and looked face to face at him “You Bodhi, are a unique Kyron. Your mother originally had the power you possessed but died to a specific reason... You were lied to; this corrupted Kyron killed your mother while she used her power to protect you and keeping you out of this corrupted person sight. Your mother’s power is amongst the strongest there is, you only had a 5% chance of inheriting your mother's power, you are very fortunate to have inherited this power. It is heavily connected to your passion towards arcades, now that you’re aware of your power’s existence you should be able to tap into your power and awaken it!” Raze walked back from Bodhi while explaining.

“Damn, that’s a lot of information to take in. Just knowing that this person killed my mother, it angers me! Tell me, how do I tap into this so-called power and awaken it?” Bodhi asked Raze.

“We have to be quick, time is running out. Awakening your power should be easy, imagine a weapon using your imagination.” Raze suggested to Bodhi, he stepped a little further away from Bodhi as if he was concerned for his own safety.

“Sounds crazy but I will give it a go!” Bodhi focused and imagined an axe, when he did a portal opened up and the axe he just imagined fell onto his hand. Bodhi understood what Raze said when his passion for arcade was connected to his power, instead of the axe being created out of normal materials humans would use, this axe was 100% created with tons of small blue cubes with a blue glow, each cube looked like a 3d pixel. This axe definitely did not look like it was from this world and that it was from an arcade game, not realistic in the slightest. Bodhi started doing some attack poses with the axe, he next slammed it into a tree and a blue blast emitted from the axe when it slammed into the tree, the tree went flying into the air away from Bodhi and crashed down to the ground. “I had doubts with you at first, but now you have all my trust. What’s next?”.

“We go after him!” Raze rushes past Bodhi and starts running up ahead, Bodhi starts running after Raze “I advise you to imagine your weapon getting destroyed then it will dismantle all the blue cubes that it used to connect it to together. All the cubes will fly into the air with the cubes decreasing in size by second by second.”. Bodhi followed his advice and imagined his weapon being destroyed, the weapon disconnected all the blue cubes it used to form the weapon and flown into the sky. Bodhi felt less weight and was able to run faster.

“It looked like the weapon puts weight on me, it will decrease the mobility I have.” Bodhi said, running past tree after tree. He kept dodging tree after tree when they were in his way.

“Indeed Bodhi, so be careful on how you use your power when we come into contact with the enemy.” Raze told Bodhi.

“I have been in a couple of fights, but for some reason I feel as if I have some sort of presence inside of me. A spirit, who has had a huge amount of combat experience, fusing their skills with my skills. It makes me confident in my abilities, I want to go after this monster and get payback on my mother’s behalf!” Bodhi said, his eyes displayed intense emotion. He was going to kill the person who ended his mother's life!

“That might be another feature of your awakened power, I don’t know if it is possible but maybe you inherited 2 powers. If that’s the case then, n-n-no you can’t be! You’re a hy--” Raze got cut off then suddenly his body went flying backwards, Bodhi speeds up even more to catch him before falling to the ground.

“Dude you ok? What was that?” Bodhi asked curiously.

“H-h-h-he's here!” Raze shouted in fear. Bodhi lowered Raze’s body to the ground and saw a massive gash in his chest, Bodhi looked up within a split second to see what caused the gash and saw a person in all black torn clothes.

“I don’t know what you did to Raze, but you are ruthless. You killed my mother, I shall return the favour!!” Bodhi shouted and charged forward, a portal opened up and 2 katanas appeared. One for each hand.

“I DESPISE AND HATE KYRONS WHO THINK THEY HAVE A CHANCE AGAINST A HYZON” The unknown person shouted, his voice went through the entire forest and his eyes glowed up red, the intent to kill was very visible within his eyes. His right arm transformed into a blade, created out of blood except this wasn’t ordinary blood. The blood was turned into heavy rock’s and then it was covered with blood once more, blood is dripping down from the blade. The blade itself was huge and long, roughly 3x the size of one of Bodhi’s katanas.

“I don’t give a damn what this damn Hyzon is! All I know is I need to avenge my mother!” Bodhi shouted while charging, he lifted both of his katanas high into the sky and clashed down on the blood blade. Blue blasts emitted from both of his blades on contact and the Hyzon had red blasts emitting from his blood blade, the Hyzon’s blast was stronger and Bodhi went flying backwards into a tree.

“Bodhi, we need you, you’re the only one who can stop him. He is a Hyzon, same as you. A Hyzon has 2 powers. Your second power is the ability to learn your enemies' tactics and grow stronger with each clashing blo---” Raze’s voice got cut off, Bodhi looks over at Raze and see’s that the Hyzon has stabbed his blade right through his neck. The Hyzon creates another blood blade on his opposite arm, the exact same as the other blade with blood dripping off. There is a trail of blood where the Hyzon has been walking.

“YOU TOOK ANOTHER LIFE!” Bodhi’s anger exploded, he transforms his katanas into 2 sets off massive claws which attached to his knuckles. He got up and started charging at the Hyzon, he stabbed his first set of claws into the Hyzon and blasts emitted from Bodhi and the Hyzon, he got knocked back again but this time he landed on his feet and wasn’t knocked back as far. “I WILL END YOU!” Bodhi charged at him again and this time slid under the Hyzon and sliced both of his feet, Bodhi got knocked away again but this time the Hyzon got knocked back slightly as well.

“YOU’RE GROWING STRONGER!!!!! I HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO END THIS NOW!!!!” The Hyzon’s activated his second power, a strong red aura appeared around the Hyzon. A red immeasurable blast emitted from the Hyzon, the entire forest got blasted away. After the explosion, the Hyzon transformed into a huge monster covered in blood.

“He’s transformed, if he escapes in this state humanity itself will perish! I have to kill him now, even if it means I die once more!” Bodhi said, he puts down the massive shield he created which shielded him from the blast. But it pushed him very far back from the newly born monster.

“THE NEXT FEW SECONDS WILL BE YOUR LAST BREATH!” The monster started charging at Bodhi with his speed increasing rapidly.

“Clearly, you’re mistaken!” 2 wings Bodhi imagined appeared on his back, he flapped his wings repeatedly until he was high into the air. Bodhi then lifts both of his arms high into the air then an orb he imagined appeared, this time though Bodhi was modifying his creation he imagined. More and more blue cubes appeared and attached onto the orb so it was increasing in size, he kept increasing it until the monster was about to jump and attack Bodhi. By then the orb was the size off a house, Bodhi threw it at the monster hoping it’d be enough to kill it!

“THAT AIN’T GOING TO BE ENOUGH TO STOP ME!!!!” The monster without hesitation charged at the orb, he slowly started pushing the orb upwards but then slowly started getting pushed back “DAMN IT!! IMPOSSIBLE IT’S TOO STRONG!!!” The monster got slammed into the ground and was crushed against the earth's crust by Bodhi’s orb.

“I need to push him so far down into earth he will never be able to do anymore harm again!” Bodhi pushed the orb even further into the ground and rapidly it started pushing the monster deeper into earth. After the monster was pushed so much into the earth Bodhi dismantled his orb “Rocks are collapsing down on the monster, he’ll never be able to do any harm ever again and will be trapped forever!”.

Bodhi thought to himself “Raze is dead, I’ll dig him a grave and make sure that he will rest in peace. Before I leave this world once more I need to find if there are other corrupted people, if so I will have to eradicate them. Then I will meet you up there, mother!”.
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