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[WINNERS] WLA's Art Contest #2

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Hi everyone!

It's now the time to announce WLA's 2nd Art Contest winners! Let me say that everyone did such a fine, wonderful job with their submitted works once again; so much so that I would've handed prizes to you all but Jas is would totally charge for me for the excess and this stingy old bat isn't about to do that. I'll give you cookies, though. And lots of my love for whatever that's worth.

Anyway! Before I start prattling on; drrrrrum roll please!

And last but certainly not least we have;

SthreeP at 1st Place with Best Girl (arguably).
Please give a round of applause to our winners for a job well done, and as well as those who joined and took the time to submit their works for our Second Art Contest. We couldn't have done it without you guys and you all have our heartfelt thanks for making this event another resounding success!

And since we didn't get to celebrate the winners of our First Art Contest, let's take this time to to appreciate the wonderful people who joined and won (Tagukang, Redhead™, and Shiki) in WLA's Inaugural Art Event.

Expect an and even bigger and better Art Contest when we come back for the third round! But for now, have at it party people! And once again, congratulations to all of our winners.

WLA Staff
[EDIT] The awards will be handed out by the Admins ASAP. ❤