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What do you collect or want to start collecting?


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I recently started collecting Manga and other anime related items . so im curious what have you collected so far ? or what would you be interested in collecting ?

EX: my collection (minus all the posters and stuff that are not hung up yet ...)

IMG_3797 (1).jpg

Full Size :

IMG_3797 (1).jpg


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Wow, that's a cool way to show your collection!

For what I'd like to start collecting, it would probably be manga and other small anime merch.

(nice dxd collections :^) )


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I've always wanted a massive manga library (well library in general, but manga too). I'm at 0/x right now, but someday... someday sooon.
There's too many series I'd wanna own in super duper HQ.

Don't much care for figurines and stuff like that.

Crying Wolf

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I had thought of showing off my collection of Liliana Vess cards, but that would require me to pull the ones I actively use out of their decks >.<


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That's an awesome collection!
I've been thinking of collecting different Light Novels and Manga but I haven't got to it yet.

It's not anime-related but I do have a few small collections of coins.
I collect anime figures and im a fan of Hatsune Miku so i collect her figures as well but i also collect posters from my favorite animes so my wall has got massive RWBY & Hatsune Miku poster up at the moment but i plan to expand when i next have money to myself
In short: if i like the anime i'll try to buy something of it: currently i have 2 FT plushies and 2 posters, a pillowcase (no not a lewd Dakimura) several other posters from Final Fantasy, a RWBY poster, sweathshirt, Minami Shimada nendo figurine and a couple stickers/keychains from various shows/lootboxes. Oh and a FT sweatshirt and shoes ;) In terms of actually collecting, i want to amass from various animes, i have a list of various things i want from manga series, the Ghibli movies, etc.