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The Anime Universe has Forsaken us.


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Just a heads up, yes, I'm a little bit salty about this so if you don't really want to hear it, now's your chance to click off this post xD

I'm not sure what you guys think but I know a tonne of people wanted either a re-make of Sword Art Online: Aincrad or even, a new series. Now I'm not here saying that Gun Gale's total crap, I've watched it and I can say that it's ALRIGHT. Though, Undeniably, if made correctly, Aincrad would be so much better.

But instead, we got the "Gun Gale Online: Alternative". I haven't watched this yet but just looking at the characters, I'm foaming from the mouth. Especially this "pitohui" character that looks exactly like Kirito but she has ***** (censorship).
I'm not sure what you guys thought about this but to me, it just seems like they're trying to run away from Sword Art Online with the ONLY changes being a few new characters, the main character's gender changed, and... that's really just about it.

What did you guys think about when you saw this anime for the first time?
I'm dying rn.
End my misery.


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i dropped it at episode 2... way too much to talk about...it just doesn't have the same vibe sums up the reason...


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I've seen people say that GGO is better than Aincrad, I mean, Aincrad had a LOT of flaws, there were so many mess ups, but still, it had the most potential other than people just shooting each other in a game.

The first season of Sword Art Online set a lot more eyes on the Survival Genre, let alone the Isekai Genre, I just feel like straying from the success they had with the first season was a horrible idea, they should've just made the whole 24 episodes into Aincrad and showcase some more of the floors/bosses. I feel like just that alone would've made it THAT much better. They rushed the whole project.

But yeah, in my opinion, Sword Art has dropped so much since the first season and it's depressing because SO MANY PEOPLE loved it and it was one of the main reasons myself and a ton of other people got into watching anime.


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I mean, the guy who wrote GGO alternative, Keiichi Sigsawa, is a gun nut, if it wasn't GGO then it just wouldn't exist, and while you say that the other arcs had potential, it's just that, potential, because Reki Kawahara couldn't realise that potential and no-one else has been able to pitch an idea that got a successful animation. I liked GGO alternative, felt more light-hearted and was fairly interesting without being ridiculous and unbelievable. Seeing as the author is different, and the studio doing the animation is different, and yet got the go-ahead by the respective owners to do this series, I find your point on wanting a remake on Ainclad to be meaningless. On a side-note it was also made by 3Hz Rather than A-1 Pictures.
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