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Terminal Rush

Media: Movie
Name: Terminal Rush
IMDb Score: 4.2/10
Genres: Action
:ohoh:Before we start, this thread is going to contain spoilers from the movie so it is up to you if you are going to read this or not! (also contain blood-related scenes):ohoh:

In one peaceful day, a group of terrorists storms a local city dam and takes workers as hostages. In exchange, they want money or they will kill all the hostages and explode the dam. In this situation special units tries to do something with a helicopter but unfotunately terrorists destroy it with rocket launcher. As the unit storms in the entrance, terrorists blow it up showing them that it is meaningless to do anything against them.

Local officer Jacob Harper heard about the dam and starts to take action. Local police department and special agenscy doesn't want him to do anything and says him to back off. Instead of that Harper takes all his guns and heads to the dam to save his father and other hostages. As he gets in the dam Harper needs to go trough several tunels to get to a certain floor level. As soon as Harper get there he sees few terrorists, who are setting traps all around the dam...

Once Harper is finished in the dam he frees all the hostages and gets them to a safe location. But that's not the biggest problem... now he needs to stop the dam from exloding. As he enters in the main system room Harper sees his ''friend'' on the floor, blood around his neck... As Harper gets to the main panel, he tries several different passwords, but all of them were a failure...

After the dam Harper goes after the 2 terrorist leaders to get back the money and payback them for what they did in the dam. After a battle he gets back the money, kills one of the terrorists Harper finally is free from his duty....

Movie is pretty old... I watched it a long time ago... I think it was worth the time tho could've been better hehe... I would rate it with 6-7 since it isn't the best neither the worst one I have seen so far. Of course there are some fails in the movie which might not be as visible for first time if you watch it(I mean if you are an film expert then you would see them in the first time of watchin it:FeelsSpinningMan: ). But yeah overall movie is watchable, it is up to you if you are going to watch it or not!


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