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Share your work!!!


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Ever write a poem or short-story and wanted someone else to read it?

This thread is a place for you to share any self-created piece of literature you have done in your life.

If it's more than the character limit then a link would be preferred (so long as staff allows it ;3)



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Well, let's get this started yeah? an essay i wrote back in 11th Grade of High-School
(if someone can tell me how to save a file from google docs to put it here without requiring any of you to download it instead of my copy-pasting text, that would be great.)


In today’s society of individualism and self-interest America stares opposition in the face. Based off of liberty, freedom, and equality, Americans commence their daily routines of life unaware of the silent killer ever present in modern society. In each class of students a person can easily pick out the troublemakers; the one’s with their headphones in, on their phones, talking during a lecture, etc. Now these teens might be good-hearted children, maybe they’re straight-a honor roll students. The issue is not with the grades, but it’s a matter of common courtesy and respect.

Everyday in society one can spot the signs of disrespect a mile away. In the classroom setting I see it consistently. For example, when a teacher asks a student to give them their phone and the immediate reaction is “why?” This is blatant disregard for authority and the rules set in place for the best educable environment. Why then do teens persist in these manners and defy authority? Perhaps it’s a matter of pride; where the teen must oppose authority to look cool in front of his/her friends. Maybe the student just gets a kick out of aggravating teachers and being a nuisance to society. The message as to why is unclear, but maybe with the correct techniques the disrespect can be replaced with proper attitude and respect for authority.

First off, look at today’s media; violence and drugs are not only ever-present on TV. but in the schools as well. With all the reality shows portraying vulgar language, sexual behavior, drugs, alcohol, etc. etc. It’s a miracle that teenagers haven’t started their own rebellion against the capitol. In school’s the situation is identical, every day I watch the offensive behavior and want to scream at them! Just stop, you’re not cool because you told a teacher to “fuck off”. It’s irritating to watch the staff accept the neglect so openly because what can they do about it? Sending the student to the office and suspending him/her, will only make that student return with a vengeance: to make your life hell. I stress this to the reader because I admit, I am one of them. I declare that I am an incredibly disrespectful student, so everything I’ve stated I have done, or at least witnessed firsthand.

One would thus ask, why do I do it? I mentioned above, briefly, as to possible reasons why a teen might be so disrespectful to authority. My reasoning comes from the idiotic belief that ‘I can do what I want and learn how best suits me, regardless of the rules.’ This belief so far has gotten me suspended multiple times and I have lost respect and trust from varying teachers. It is for this reason that you must understand everything of what I am telling you here. This is not some joke to be taken lightly, if you want to succeed in life, to go to college and have a successful future then avoid the common taste of disrespect. It is not cool, and does not make you look better to your friends. If the friends you make do think it’s cool to defy authority, then buddy, find some new one’s because they’ll only drag you down with them, and nobody wants that; right?

Society is a carefully balanced system, within it each person has his/her own specific place, and yes, that includes the delinquents. What I must express is that no matter what anybody does, there will always be that individual who thinks it cool and fun to defy authority. Instead of becoming frustrated with that person and feeding his desire, simply ignore him. Do not give that teen the time of day and trust me, he will subdue in his actions. Oh, but first, he’ll get a whole lot worse, so you must bear with me on this. All in all, each student starts off life as a respectful person if raised right, along with not letting media control their actions of course. Anyways, to the reader of this essay, make a note that no matter what you do, not everyone will respect you, not everyone will like you, and some may just try to kill you. Beyond that, however, is the silver lining in that there are people who appreciate you, people that love you, and people who would risk their lives to save you. So when a student displays him/herself in opposition to authority, remember that they are the true losers in life as they will be the ones in twenty years calling mommy or daddy for bail money or asking for gas money, etc.
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