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Pokémon: 1. Gen



Apr 16, 2018
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Media: Game

Name: Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow (Green)

Rating: 10 // Masterpiece

Release: 05. October 1999 (Red/Blue) // 16. June 2000 (Yellow)
30. July 1998 (Red/Blue) // 01. October 1999 (Yellow)

27. February 1996 (Red/Green) // 15. October 1999 (Blue) // 12. July 1998 (Yellow)


In 1996 Nintendo releases the first ever Pokémon game and starts the adventure of the small pocket monsters, a total lot of 151 different ones (so far!).
Pokémon is about catching, training, battling and even exchanging your Pokémon with friends. Pokémon is a very traditional oriented Japanese RPG with a overhead view, tile-based dungeons and random creature encounters.

You step into the Role of a young boy, whose dream is to become the best Pokémon Trainer world wide. To achieve that goal you have to compete against the strongest Trainer of each city, better known as Gym Leader. Therefore you need to catch and train your Pokémon, collect experience points and evolve your Pokémon until they are strong enough to challenge each Gym Leader. Collect every badge and try to beat the Victory Road, the Top 4 and the Champ.

Each Pokémon is individual due to it's own personal strength/weakness, move-set, stat capabilities and "element" (fire, water, etc.). Therefore all Pokémon differentiate (more or less) from each other. That means you have an almost unlimited amount of possibilities to build your own and individual team, depending on your playstyle.

The first generation takes place in the Kanto region, based on Japan's real Kanto region.

Personal thoughts:

Growing up with Pokémon was potentially the best thing ever. The game is an all time classic and will always have a reserved place in my heart. It is always fun to re-play the game, either on my old gameboy, or emulated on the PC or mobile phone. If you have never played Pokémon, you should really start playing the first generation, to get an overall idea of the game series, mechanics and your first experiences. I would highly recommend anyone on earth, no matter if gamer or not and no matter how old he might be, to try out Pokémon and will definitely introduce my future kids to the series.

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