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Otaku Squad

Chris Sama

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What is Otaku Squad?
We're a lovely family orientated around anime and all alike.
Though don't be fooled; We may have anime as our main focus, though that doesn't mean we don't allow our members to talk about anything else.
From games to books, we're a diverse bunch of friends that enjoy each other's company.

What makes us different?
We host as many events as possible. We encourage members to bring forth their own ideas.
Together with the officers of the squad, we make sure that the events are the best you'll ever see.

We enjoy spending time together and this is something we're very proud of.
We have a very active squad chat which is used daily.

We'll host as many events as possible in two catagories:
  • Social Nights
Our social nights will have the focus on getting to know one another and talk. These can be done by playing a game, or by simply enjoying each other's company.
These events can be very diverse and really depends on the creator of these events.
  • Game-Related
The game-related events are one to join.The world has an array of games and we wish to make the most out of it.
If you have a game but no one wishes to play with you? Well, other members in our squad may be interested in playing with you!

How do I join?

menme, 💮Chris Sama ·(҉大҉佬҉), ur dad , Ichigo ♡ & Kimpow


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Events have been set up! Make sure to join the squad so you're able to participate!
We're a lovely bunch, so you'll not regret joining!

Make sure to check the pings in the squad discord channel for upcoming information!


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7-06-2018: UPDATED LAY-OUT!

Those wanting to join the squad are always welcome.
We will keep you updated on our newest events!