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One Finger Death Punch


Media: Video game

Name: One finger death punch

Rating: 7/10

Description: If you are a stick man fan like me, your going to love this game.

One finger death punch has no story-line, it's a game where you take control of 1 stick man and go up against army's of other stick-man. However this game adds a twist, your character is unable to move and can only attack when the enemy is within range. If you try to attack when the enemy is not in range you'll be unable to do anything for a couple of seconds, during those couple of seconds enemies will most likely attack you. Varying upon the game mode and level you'll have between 1-10 life bars, each time you get hit one of your life bars will be depleted.

There are different forms of enemies you'll be going against, the first one you'll encounter is the "grey" enemies which you can defeat in one punch. When an enemy has a red bar, you attack right. If the enemy has a blue bar you attack left, later on you'll encounter enemies which will have combinations of multiple blue & red bars so you'll have to react quickly.

The game also has a set of weapons which are dropped which will increase your attack range slightly, there are also ranged weapons such as bombs, daggers & bow and arrows which will give you a ranged advantage. Along with the weapons giving you gameplay advantages the animations that trigger when you attack with them are amazing.

You will also go get mini-bosses (Where you'll engage in a combat session with one stick-man and you have to use all the correct attacks (Left & Right) it tells you to use, otherwise you'll lose a life bar) and bosses (These bosses have an entire level dedicated to them, the attack patterns you'll have to use against them will change constantly. They have a huge life bar, when you deal enough damage to get it to 0 you win :D).

The game has a variety of game modes such as: Timed levels (Defeat all the enemies under a set time), dagger only levels (You can only throw daggers to win the level) & levels which give you super-powered weapons (I'll go into detail below) etc. There's a lot more game modes to be discovered, I recommend for you to play the game so you can discover them. Can't ruin all the surprises for you now can I x3

Some levels you'll be given a super power weapon to destroy your weapons with, there are between 2 you'll be given. A green lightsaber (So cool x3) & Electric nunchucks (Just as cool x3).


And to finish up this review, I'm going to tell you about the powers you can earn. You can earn a couple of powers which you can take on your levels, though there is a short maximum of how many you can take per level it is still pretty cool. Most of these powers have conditional requirements before they trigger (Such as 27 kills), one power example would be freezing enemies entirely... If you want to know more powers play the game and discover them. There so kewl :3

Conclusion: Would I recommend this game? Yes, this game is a time killer and a must have for any stick-man fan. I will only recommend this as a time killer and for it's gameplay since there's no story involved in this game.

Oh yeah, One Finger Death Punch 2 is set to be released in early 2019 :D



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