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MVP:Most Valuable Primate

Media: Movie
Name: MVP: Most Valuable Primate
IMDb Score: 3.9/10
Genres: Comedy, Family, Sports
:partyHard:Before we start, this thread is going to contain spoilers from the movie so it is up to you if you are going to read this or not!:partyHard:

A chimpanzee named Jack is used in a long termed experiment by Dr. Kendall. In the experiments, Jack learns to communicate with sign language and do other stuff. In one day everything changes when Jack gets sold off to a medical lab. If this is not the worst case Dr. Kendall in one of the nights while reading a book and eating cookies dies...
After finding Jack in a tree house the deaf girl, Tara, gets scared, but later on becomes friends with him. The biggest surprise was for the Tara's oldest brother Steve who sees Jack sitting at the table and eating breakfast. In the beginning, he didn't understand what is going on...

Several events later Jack gets on ice in the middle of the match and scores a goal... But in this case, he wore another players uniform and wasn't classified as a player for that team which caused a lot of trouble. Later on, the coach gets permission for Jack to be a part of the team and participate in games. As the games go on they won every single time. In one game last seconds, Jack hit so hard that it went trough the net... The referee didn't count the goal, but after several discussions, they get to the decision to check the net. After finding the hole in it the goal gets approved and lets the team win another game...

Sooner or later Dr. Peabody finds out about Jack and wants to get him back. He tries it several times but all of them was a failure... The planned out a plan on how to get the chimpanzee back... At the end of the league championship, they would get on the ice field and grab him with all the papers with the following orders...
But several things happen during that time and leads Jack to run away again... to the Jacks home...

How did it end I almost wrote it out... Don't be lazy and watch the film if you want to know.:HyperGasm:

The film was fun to watch, I would give it a score of 8. It could've been better but what could you expect from the 2000 year film...:hihi: At that time I was pretty amazed how far you can train a chimpanzee to get it to do things such as that... But as I got older I understood it all better XD(film watched in 2007 so yeah my expectation from then has changed dramatically):nam:


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