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Men Of War: Assault Squad 2



Apr 19, 2018
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Media: Game

Name: Men Of War: Assault Squad 2

Rating: 8/10


Men of war is a top down strategy game where you have to command your units and take objectives, You can play U.S, Commonwealth, Germany, Japan and Russia, Each country has their special tanks for example the Germans have the King Tiger and the Commonwealth have the Churchill So i took a screen shot to show you an example of what i mean by all this.

So we will start form the centre and work our way around the screen and i will explain what each thing is for, The centre bars is where you give your soldier command like throw grenades and or use close quarters battle,

The bottom Left of the screen will show the health of the unit you have selected and what weapon they are using and you can use this to change their weapons, It also shows their rank and then just about that it shows how many squads you have and what type of squad they are
it will also tell you how many people are in that squad so you can make sure you squad always stays at the correct number of units,

Moving up the left side you will have the mini map which shows the objectives and normally you wont see all the enemies but for the sake of this review i set it so fog of war was off.

So now we move to the bottom right of the screen and this is where you buy your units and it will tell you how much it will cost to buy then and how much points you have and below that there are some extra unit commands like Repair and this is mainly used on tanks and light armoured units that get damaged in battle but you must be careful when you use this command as it can back fire if the person repairing the tanks dies

At the top centre is where you will find the percentage of how far you have gotten through the mission and the more objectives you have the more points you earn


Person Thoughts

My own personal feeling with this game is that its a very fun game to play as you can be there for hours on end trying to do one single mission and this game is extremely hard when you dont know what coming at you, I've found that the AI can be very derpy and you will need to take direct command over them and you do that by holding shift and then you use W,A,S,D to control the tank but the AI rush endlessly which is good but that means you need to prepare alot before assaulting one of the objectives and of course the further you go up the map the objectives get well defended by Anti-Tank pieces and thats when the enemy will bring out their toughest tanks and that can often set you back awhile, There is also two more expansions for the game if you end up completing it and want more todo.


Multiplayer is good with friends as you can play any scenario from the campaign online and if not you can play one of the online game modes and one i like is where you and another friend have to share your points and have to depend a town for ten rounds and of course each round it get more rougher and tougher and its alot of fun due to the challenge


Overall i would say its a very good game and one that worth a play and the only down side once you have completed one country you like then you have pretty much completed them all as they are all styled the same with the same challenges and same events which i find as a let down to the game and could have been improved as it would have added more uniqueness to the game
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