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Kill la Kill

Media: Anime
Name: Kill la Kill
MAL Score: 8.19/10
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 24
Genres: Action, Comedy, Super Power, Ecchi, School
About the anime:
:roflmao:Before we start let me warn you, there is going to be quite an amount of spoiled parts from anime and nudity in it (if you watch uncensored one):roflmao:

After Ryuuko Matoi got murdered she was searching for the murderer which had the other one of the half scissors which was used to kill her father. As it goes on she comes across the academy. As she gets in the academy Matoi gets in the fight with one of the students in the special uniform and gets beaten. After that, she goes back to the burned down house remains and finds an entry to a dark room in which she finds Senketsu which was awakened by her blood.

As the series goes on Ryuuko Matoi fights Elite Four. Of course, she has to beat several different courses to get to fight them but as strong as she, Ryuuko Matoi easily beats the courses and gets to fight Elite Four finally. After that, he wins several battles but at the same times several events happen and she finds the murderer.
As she starts to fight against the murderer Ryuuko Matoi get so mad that she turns into some kind of monster. As if it wasn't enough the blood usage was so big that she could die pretty easily. Thanks to her friend Mako Mankanshoku Ryuuko Matoi gets back to her old form.
After several events, Ryuuko Matoi meets her mother which betrayed her by testing several different tests on her as she was a baby and almost killing her and dropping into the waste (Thanks to her father she was saved). As it finds out both Ryuuko Matoi and Satsuki Kiryuuin are sisters and after several battles team up to beat their own devil mother.

In the end, Ryuuko Matoi defeats her mother in the space. While falling down Senketsu protects Ryuuko Matoi from fire and burns to death leaving Matoi falling alone. As Satsuki Kiryuuin sees her sister falling down, she and other ones try to catch her and prevent her from dying...
Anime ends with Ryuuko Matoi going together with her friends and seeing a boy wearing something like Senketsu piece on his neck reminding her about it...

Anime was pretty fun to watch, gave it an 8 tho might consider about 9 if I will re-rate my whole list in MAL.:roflmao: Personally, I watched uncensored one and thought it was pretty ok (shh I know what you are thinking rn :Lewd:). But if you are under 18 I would suggest you watch censored one.:whoseMan:


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