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I implore you to please take a moment of your time to read and memorize the forum rules, ignorance of the rules is not a defense for breaking them. Failure to follow them may lead to disciplinary action and even a temporary or permanent ban from the forums. If you are unsure that something is against the rules, feel free to PM a staff member before doing so. It is always better to be safe than sorry.


  • Be Pleasant:
    Respect one another, don't bully or personally attack other members. We encourage civil disagreement. Just because somebody sees things differently, doesn't mean you should take offense or engage in tangential personal attacks. Stick to the topic at hand, try not to target forum individuals or segments of the community as a whole.

    This includes but is not limited to: ridiculing someone's post, questioning their intelligence, baiting (enticing someone to flame) and otherwise straightforward name-calling.

    Also, try to have some sympathy for the staff. We don't always see eye to eye but we do our best and we're willing to improve provided you approach us with constructive criticism.

  • Spam:
    Do not repeatedly double post or post trite (unrelated animated gifs, motivational posters, emoticons/emoji's, generally less than contributory rhetoric and/or nonsensical strings of words) to raise post count, be lazy, or be an annoyance.

  • Off-Topic:
    Try and keep the discussion on-topic as much as possible. If a thread gets out of hand, leave it be, and contact a staff member. If the topic means nothing to you, then stay out. Do not make snide, dismissive or otherwise disruptive remarks.

  • Illegal Activities:
    Links to websites that contain illegal games/movies, pornographic sites, sites with grotesque, violent and/or racist content are NOT to be posted. For posting of these sites you will be banned, no questions asked.

    Duplicate Accounts:
    Nine out of ten times, dupe accounts are used for ban evasion, rep abuse, cheating in forum polls or contests, or some other form of questionable activity. Therefore, our policy is to perm ban all dupe accounts. Duping may also lead to a ban on your main account.

  • Signature/Avatars/Usernames:
    All Avatars/Signatures/Usernames are subject to censorship upon the discretion of the staff. Any type of pornography, sexually explicit content (or depicting sexual content), racism or otherwise flaming/flamebaiting is prohibited and will result in disciplinary action.

  • Advertisements:
    If you want to advertise your forum and/or website, don't do so without direct permission from staff. "Easy money" topics like pyramid schemes, banner click systems, chain letters etc. etc. are not tolerated in this forum, topics of such nature will be removed. If you see advertisements or adbots about, please report it or contact a staff member.

  • Personal Affairs:
    Personal affairs (Example: Problems with other members) are NOT to be fought out via the forums. If you have some kind of problem with someone, use Discord or another instant messenger program. You can also always e-mail each other, or use the PM function.

    The forum and its members have no part in it, so don't make them be your audience.

  • 18+ Material:
    There is absolutely no pornographic material allowed outside of the 18 Only Forum. Basically, don't post anything outside of the 18 Only Forum that you would not see on American primetime television.

    This includes the posting of images depicting genitalia, bare breasts or depicting sexual acts (real or simulated). Linking to websites with such content or writing graphic pornographic content is also not allowed. Posting such material is grounds for a temporary to permanent ban, subject to the severity of the offense and discretion of the moderators.

    Within the 18 Only Forum section, posting of material depicting law-violating material including, but not limited to, child pornography, loli/shota, bestiality, rape or violence will earn you a permanent ban.

    Remember that the 18+ section is for people 18 and above ONLY. No buts, no ifs.

    All cases regarding questionable material will be dealt with on a case by case basis by the staff.

  • English:
    This forum is primarily an English speaking community so please stick with said language in all threads. I nor any of the other staff want to have to translate your posts just to ensure you aren't breaking the rules. Posts not done in English will be promptly deleted.

  • Signature Size:
    Until such a time as the forum can automatically moderate signature sizes, you are allowed up to one image at 500x300 pixels in size or multiples images that add up to the equivalent. Anything more and it will have to be put into a spoiler tag.

Rules are subject to the application and interpretation of the staff members.

We reserve the right to withhold forum privileges (ranging from contests, to senior membership, to 18 Only access, or even rep privileges) to members who consistently display incorrigible behavior. Also note that staff members hold the right at any time to remove your posts and/or ban your access to the forum.

With that messy business out of the way, welcome to anime.sh and enjoy your stay.

WLA Staff

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