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Edge Of Tomorrow

Media: Movie
Name: Edge Of Tomorrow
IMDb Score: 7.9/10
Genres: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
:yayyyy:Before we start, this thread is going to contain spoilers from the movie so it is up to you if you are going to read this or not!:yayyyy:

Major William Cage gets thrown into a suicide task as a traitor to fight against aliens. It starts at the military camp where he gets waked up by a commander, who later on leads him into a tent where the Cage will live till the battle. Finally, the day comes when he needs to go to the place to fight against the aliens. As the battle starts a lot of people die in it one of them being Cage as well.
After the death, Major William Cage all of a sudden wakes up in the camp before the battle against the aliens and does not understand what is going on... He tried to explain it to the commander but instead the commander thought he was crazy. Everything mostly goes the same way for several times, Cage tries to save several peole till he finally gets to save Rita. Before dying Rita tells him to meet ther at the camp and tell her everything he remembers before he died...

As the movie goes on Cage repeats everything again till they come to find a place where the alpha and omega might live. As the get closer to it they find out that it was all fake and understood that Omega has the power to repeat Cages life again and again till he gets to one point. As they move on they try several different locations to find the Omega but it end up in a big failure every single time.

As the end of the movie comes near Cage finds Omegas hideout and tries to kill it. The problem starts with Alpha, which is protecting Omega. They start to come after Cage unit like crazy with other aliens... Will the Cage kill the Omega, is up to you to find out(obv you probably know the end already :roflmao:)

The movie was really great! Would give it a 9 if there won't be a lot of stupid and in my opinion useless parts in it, so I will end up giving it only 8. The movie itself was full with battles, strategies. I would recommend it for people who like to watch a lot of shooting, technology and unrealistic films :hihi:
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I loved the movie, something different and casting Tom cruise and Emily blunt made it movie of the year I think
It is pretty good in my opinion, it was fun to watch, I hope you will enjoy it hehe
just finished watching, it was pretty good. I enjoyed it much more than i thought i would've :Yes:
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