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Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition

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Media: Video game

Name: Devil may Cry 4 Special Edition

Rating: 7/10

Description: With the release of DMC5 upcoming, I want to give you a review of all the Devil May Cry games and see if it is the game for you.

Where Devil May Cry 4 takes place:

Devil May Cry 4 is the latest addition to the Devil May Cry series (The original Devil May Cry 4 was released back in 2008 but an upgraded version came out in 2015 which has some extra content which I'll be going into later) but trilogy wise it is the third game in the series (The order goes in DMC3 - DMC1 - DMC4 - DMC2). Gameplay wise it is the best in the DMC series but story wise isn't the best due to a section of story having quite a bit of back tracking involved.

What is Devil May Cry 4?:

Devil May Cry 4 is a hack n slash game involving a ton of demons, it's a challenging game where you may feel a wimp at first but when you start mastering the combos you start feeling like a badass and start taking out waves of demons as if they pose no threat to you at all.


The game starts out with Nero, your first playable character. The game takes you through a tutorial mission when you go up against Dante, the main character for the past 3 games. The reason you are going up against him is because Dante comes down from the ceiling, he start's shooting and slashing up people so you (Nero) fight him to protect people from getting in any more harm. This follows up with a few cinematics displaying Nero & Dante's fight and the game teaching you how to fight, Nero's arsenal consists of a sword called 'Red queen', a gun called 'Blue rose' & a demonic arm called the 'Devil bringer'. With Nero's arsenal you will be going up against Dante and hordes after hordes of demons, and boss fights which will push you to your limits. Learn & create your own combos to swiftly take down your bosses. Nero's devil bringer arm also gains different abilities the further you progress down the story.


The story:

The story of Devil May Cry 4 starts with Nero discovering more and more demons, until he starts investigating and finds out that all is not what they seem... it is indeed hard to explain without spoiling the game so I'll keep the information I'm revealing over here a bit discreet. It will be best to find out on your own, the section of the story I do dislike is when you transition over to Dante a couple of the missions are back tracking and going after the same bosses. It felt a bit bland and that it didn't feel like it should be in a Devil May Cry game. But besides that the story is pretty good from my perspective.

Dante, the second playable character:

Nero is a basic character in the way that his combos are simple to pull off, but when you play as Dante his move-set is so massive that it is very hard to pull off some good combos with him. He has 4 styles that you can switch between in-game that changes the combos you'll pull off, the 4 are: Gunslinger (Changes your combos to primarily guns), Swordmaster (Changes your combos to primarily swords or other melee weapons), Trickster (Changes your combos to allow more mobility) & Royalguard (Which changes up your combos to defensive, so it gives you the power to block and deflect attacks). When you master Dante he is a very fun character to play as, it is also a fun experience to learn his combos and master them. Dante's arsenal consists off Rebellion (His sick ass sword), Ebony & Ivory (His dual pistols which are used to pull of some amazing combos, one example would be that you can keep repeatedly shooting them to keep an enemy in the air. This will give you time to devise your own combos which you will plan to use next) & Coyote-A (A shotgun used to deal big amounts of damage to an enemy). There is also plenty of other weapons which you'll unlock the further you progress through the story, but I'll leave you to discover these weapons and the powers they hold within.

What makes Devil May Cry 4 unique?:

Devil May Cry 4, actually the Devil May Cry series as a whole has some mechanics which other hack n slash games don't have. The first one I'm going to list is the stylish ranking meter, this meter increases with each attack but here's the catch. You have to keep changing up your combos or else the stylish ranking meter will slowly go down, the stylish ranking meter starts at D with the highest the stylish ranking meter can go to is SSS. This increases the overall stylish points you get which will impact the rank you will be given at the end of the mission (Levels in this game are called missions), a couple of other factors are involved in the rank you get at the end of the mission including if you used any items or red orbs (I'll go into detail about these below).

Another thing the Devil May Cry series is well known for is the difficulty it has, especially in DMC3. DMC3 is known as one of the most difficult hack n slash games to exist, but that's what makes the Devil May Cry series exciting. You have to focus 100% if you want to make your way through the enemies and bosses, if you find the game being too easy you can select a harder mode (Currently the modes are Devil Hunter, Son of Sparda (You unlock this mode by beating Devil Hunter, gives more difficulty to enemies), Dante must die (You unlock this mode by beating Son of sparda, this gives more difficulty to enemies but with a twist. Which you'll have to find out, the game also gives you a special reward for beating this mode), Heaven or Hell (An interesting mode where you and the enemies/bosses are 1 shot, so that means if you get hit once you die... but that logic also applies to the enemies), Hell or Hell (This is basically a mode if you want to torture yourself, all the bosses and enemies have full health but if you get hit once you die. You should only do this mode if you are prepared to have your patience tested.) & The final one Legendary Dark Knight, this mode is my favourite since it increases the enemy spawn rate by a huge amount. This mode is also challenging but fun at the same time, having crowd control combos is essential for this mode.) if you are up for the challenge.

Red orbs & proud souls:

There's 2 forms of currency you can use in Devil May Cry 4, the first one I'm going to explain is red orbs. You can obtain red orbs by killing demons or breaking objects which will then drop red orbs for you to collect, these can be used to purchase items such as: Items to increase your health, items to heal you back up in a fight and items to even revive you when you die!

The second currency is proud souls, these are rewarded to you at the end of a mission. The amount you get varies from the amount of enemies you've encountered and killed. The proud souls are used to unlock new combos, some are simple while others are stylish. If you are curious to see what combos you can unlock make sure to check out the game so you can find out.

Devil Trigger:

For this section of the review I'm going to class this as a spoiler, to put it in simple terms it is a stronger form your character takes. If you wish for these forms to be unknown to you along with the abilities they give, do not open the spoiler below

The Devil Trigger for Dante & Nero are different, Nero's devil trigger has a big form appear behind him following all of Nero's movement. Dante's devil trigger changes his body entirely into a new upgraded form, giving him a massive damage boost. When activated the Devil Trigger gauge starts slowly going down, when it reaches zero your character is reverted back to their original form. You can regain your devil trigger state by dealing damage to the enemies or getting hit by enemies to start filling up your devil trigger gauge, after a certain amount of the devil trigger gauge is filled up you are able to activate your devil trigger state once more.


What is Devil May Cry 4 'Special Edition':

For a couple of extra bucks you are able to get the Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition (Otherwise known as DMC4SE) which includes minor game-play changes along with 3 more playable characters (Giving you 5 playable character in total), those 3 are: Vergil (He is introduced in DMC3), Lady (She is introduced in DMC3) & Trish (She is introduced in the very first DMC game). I can't go into much detail about these characters without spoiling the stories for DMC4 & DMC3, do know though that these 3 have some wicked move-sets and add a ton of variety to the game. They also add additional skins (Costumes) to the game along with the other 3 playable characters having their own cutscenes'.


Overall I would recommend you to playthrough this game, I did try to keep this review as spoiler free as possible so I wasn't able to reveal much about the story, excluding the backtracking the story is pretty good from my perspective. You also get to master combos with 5 playable character which will add a ton of variety to the game-play, this'll make sure the game won't get boring for you anytime soon. I hope you give the game a shot, if you want more information on this game shoot me a pm :D
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I love Hack and Slash games but never really gave this game a chance but my brother owns it so i can play it without having to buy it
If it's the special edition one that's even better, that gives you the true experience :D

If you are looking to learn more of the DMC story you should try out DMC3 ^^
If it's the special edition one that's even better, that gives you the true experience :D

If you are looking to learn more of the DMC story you should try out DMC3 ^^
We own all the games and yea my brother owns the special edition so i could start from the beginning if its worth it
We own all the games and yea my brother owns the special edition so i could start from the beginning if its worth it
The only DMC game which I think is bad is DMC2, the story and gameplay in it just seems bland and rushed. I only played it since DMC5 takes place after all of the Devil May Cry games.
The only DMC game which I think is bad is DMC2, the story and gameplay in it just seems bland and rushed. I only played it since DMC5 takes place after all of the Devil May Cry games.
Oki well i will defo give it a try and i will let you know how it goes
Oki well i will defo give it a try and i will let you know how it goes
Alright ^^

I'm a DMC geek so if you want to know anything about DMC, just let me know ^^
I love everyone, as long I can pull SSS style points
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