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Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition


Media: Video game

Name: Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition

Rating: 10/10

Description: With the release of DMC5 upcoming, I want to give you a review of all the Devil May Cry games and see if it is the game for you.

Where Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition takes place:

Devil May Cry 3 is the third game in the series and the first game to take place timeline wise (The order goes in DMC 3 - DMC 1 - DMC 4 - DMC 2), Devil May Cry 3 was released in 2005 with Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition being released in 2006. I'll explain the difference between these 2 versions of the game later on.

What is Devil May Cry 3?:

Devil May Cry 3 is a hack n slash game which will pit you up against tons of demons, Devil May Cry 3 is the most difficult game in the Devil May Cry series so it is advised you only play through this game if you have a ton of patience (It took me 15 hours to beat 20 levels of this game). But with enough practice you will be able to start destroying these demons as if they pose no threat to you at all.


Dante is the character you will be playing as in this game, he is going through his teenage years so he's a tad bit immature. He's half demon and half human, with his sword (Rebellion) & Ebony & Ivory (Dual pistols) You will be going up against hordes of demons. The further you progress down the storyline you are able to unlock more weapons, you are able to carry a maximum of 4 weapons with you each time you do a mission (2 melee weapons & 2 guns). The game start out with you chilling out in Dante's unopened business, however demons break into Dante's business and attack him. This leads you to your first fight against the demons, learn combos against the demons before you go up against the bosses which will push your skills to the limits!

You also can choose between 4 styles before starting the mission. The first one is Swordmaster (This will change a section of your combos to be sword based), the second one is Gunslinger (This will change a section of your combos to be gun based), Trickster (This will change a section of your combos to be dodging based) & Royalguard (This will change a section of your combos to be blocking based). There are also 2 unknown styles you can unlock, you'll have to find out what they are by playing the game yourself.


The story of Devil May Cry 3:

In this Devil May Cry game the story revolves around Dante and his brother Vergil, to keep this section spoiler free I'm going to be keeping the information I'm revealing here down to a minimum. Dante goes against his brother Vergil, they both have different arsenals and motives. The more you progress down the story the more you'll start finding out about Vergil and what his true dangerous motives are!

Vergil, the second playable character (Special Edition only):

Vergil, my personal favourite character in the series in terms of gameplay and story. His arsenal consists of a samurai-like sword called Yamato and summoned swords (Light blue swords Vergil can summon to shoot at the enemy) and possesses agile movement. To avoid spoilers I'm not going to be going into detail on what Vergil is like in the story, you'll have to find that out yourself by playing the game.


Red orbs:

The currency used in this game is called red orbs, you can obtain red orbs by killing enemies and breaking enemies then picking the red orbs up. When you obtain enough red orbs you can buy upgrades to your guns and weapons, you can also buy items such as: Items to heal you back up, holy water which deals a ton of damage to all enemies and an item to increase your health gauge.

Devil Trigger:

For this section of the review I'm going to class this as a spoiler, to put it in simple terms it is a stronger form your character takes. If you wish for these forms to be unknown to you along with the abilities they give, do not open the spoiler below.

Dante & Vergil both have their own devil triggers with their own forms, you unlock the devil trigger for Dante after Mission 7. In order to activate your devil trigger form you have to fill up your devil trigger gauge by dealing damage to enemies, when you are in your devil trigger state the overall damage you do is increased. You can also perform an explosion during the transformation to the devil trigger form. When your in your devil trigger state your devil trigger gauge will start depleting, when it reaches zero you will have to fill it back up in order to go back into your devil trigger state.

What is Devil May Cry 3 'Special Edition':

For a few extra bucks you are able to get the Special Edition off Devil May Cry 3. In the Special Edition version you are able to play as Dante's brother Vergil, complete with his own weapons and moveset (Note: You have to beat the game as Dante in order to play as Vergil, when you do you'll have to create a new save among the 10 save slots you are given. Then you'll be given a choice to play as Vergil). There are also a couple of new additions to the Special Edition, you can play through the bloody palace mode, (Has a total of 9999 levels, when you finish a level you have a choice of 3 different portals. The first one will bring you up 1 level but will give you a green orb (The green orb will heal your health), the second one will give you a white orb (Used to replenish your devil trigger gauge) and advance you up 10 levels and the final portal will give you nothing but advance you up by 100 levels. You'll encounter wave after waves of demons along with the bosses you've encountered in story mode in bloody palace. Note: You have to beat through the game on normal to unlock bloody palace.) and new difficulty mode & new costumes.


Overall I highly recommend you this game, I don't usually ever give a game a 10/10 but this game is an exception. It has an excellent story and a massive variety of weapons for you to use, this will allow you to make a massive amount of combos. Each of the enemies and bosses in the game are unique, Capcom definitely put a lot of work into the game and has gotten the praise this game deserves. Do remember though that the difficulty in this game is crazy, only play it if you want a good challenge :D
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