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Darling in the Franxx (spoilers)

Crying Wolf

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So this is the only show at the moment that I am following and promptly launch the moment I have a free moment. Episode fourteen did not turn out how I had thought it would, inf act it was very much the opposite of what I thought may happen.

Any thoughts on the situation as it is currently?

Well, besides all of the sexual innuendo the show throws at us every episode . . .

Crying Wolf

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That was never going to end well to begin with, even Goro knew that Ichigo had a thing for Hiro. And it's not going to end well for Ichigo because I'll be damned if Hiro doesn't find a way back to Zero Two. Was surprised she didn't toss them around the first time they tried to stop her from seeing Hiro. As she showed, she was more than capable of disposing of them.

Only way they could surprise me any further is if Ichigo and Zero two form a thing.
I thought 14 was going to go something along the lines of 02 and Hiro becoming closer friends considering Hiro now knows who 02 is.
Now that Hiro has lost the only person he could pilot with, he's probably going to be pretty useless. However, I think Hiro is going to go after 02 after he's had enough depression from not being able to pilot anything. That or they sink my ship even more by making it to where he can pilot with Ichigo.

Crying Wolf

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I think their goal is to go further than "friends". If what I got from the episode was anything, he potential as a pilot declined over time after he first met Zero Two. I would assume mostly because of his treatment by the adults and general depression that messed with his scores. Once he was "happy" again he seemed to do fine.

I am more curious on what is causing her horns to grow and canine to enlarge. Int he flashback she had red skin, very long horns and the such, but when we were first introduced to her, she looked for the most part, normal outside the horns.

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"Life Force", I think it has a more scientific background then that. As everyone she had killed within the Franxx has been physically injured.

Still trying to wrap myself around the choke marks on his neck even thoguh she never physically touched him.


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Honestly, I haven't watched episode 14 as my friend spoiled it for me so I'll be waiting until episode 15 comes out. I do know however that a hate train has been created to hunt down Ichigo because >>>002 is life<<< which is alright (I prefer Ichigo anyway hihi.) Ichigo can sit next to Rem and Sayori at the ''Rejected'' spot, because haha, ya know...

I didn't really love the anime, it feels like people are overreacting when it comes to how good it truly is. It was all pretty nice until the kid version of 002 showed up which made me blush because she was pretty cute, no doubt about that.

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I like violence and Zero Two is violent. Not to mention Oni's are among my favorite Japanese things.

I feel it is pretty rare, maybe, for an anime to be made first then converted to a manga.
The thing among the hate towards Ichigo after the 14th episode is that she's threw away the feelings of the rest and started behaving like everything's for her. Like for example, we have seen that 002's just wanted a simple talk with Hiro, but Ichigo's strongly refused that, not even asking Hiro, for example. The arguments about Hiro's protection are pretty lame too because Hiro's told before that 002's the only one, who can make him be like the rest, to fight among the others on equal terms. But meh, Ichigo's in love and won't stop on anything to let her lovely boy do something that she doesn't like. Better make him a useless , pathetic piece of unknown, but at least he'll be alive. /shrug

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I feel like they are all products of their environment and each have their own issues caused by the lack of upbringing they have been shown.

Ichigo believed she was protecting Hiro (Something everyone in squad 13, I think they are 13, sort of idolized in previous years. He spoke up, gave their life a little more meaning and got into all the trouble for them. How he is the only one to ever truly ask a question is beyond me)

All the kids are just tools, from what I can gather from the storyline, they are purposely infected with yellow blood cells which I think is a bad thing that will probably be revealed down the line. The old lady was about to reveal it, but then she about died from "talking".
Ye, they're used as a weapon to fight with klaxosaurs, but at this time (and as usual in similar titles) our squad is a special one.

During their training camp near the sea, they've visited the local town and learned something about the real world, and they now have questions regarding their fate and what should they really do. They will go sorta against the system (just as plot "makes them to go this way").

And so from the unemotional soldiers they will become the normal children (in terms of character and behavior). And the important factoras are Hiro and Zero Two, at least because they are the people (let's take Zero Two's human side), that are compatible to each other.