Daniel Introduction

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(I'm no good at introductions, but i'll give this a shot)
Hello, I'm known as Daniel or Yukie i don't mind which name is used,
I'm a 19 year old Weeb (Or otaku) from United kingdom.
My interests happen to mainly revolve around playing games (Mainly JRPG's, Kantai collection or Granblue fantasy) My favourite JRPG or well Game is Ys Seven,
I am also a Huge fan of visual novel's i absolutely love spending alot of time reading visual novels in my free time, expecially True love storys (Sora to umi ga was my most recent completion)

My anime interests happen to be revolved around non mainstream shows, or shows that have a smaller fanbase. i judge my anime mainly on the artstyle and how much it can impact the viewer being myself, thats why my favourite genre is sports, and my favourite anime is Hajime no ippo

i hope i can interact with more people on this site OR on discord with interests like mine during my time here (although i probably won't join a public discord because i'm not good with alot of people so if on discord then i'm fine with Direct messages ).


Also some links are here ------- :
https://vndb.org/u147255 my visual novel list which is currently being updated (sadly i forgot most of my visual novels i played so i'm slowly updating it over time once stuff comes back to mind)
and my Anime list : https://anilist.co/user/Danielcole/

ps: my "waifu" is claire rouge, ever since around march of 2015