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Crank High Voltage

Media: Movie
Name: Crank High Voltage
IMDb Score: 6.2/10
Genres: Action, Crime, Thriller
:rage-1:Before we start, this thread is going to contain spoilers from the movie. The movie includes nudity scenes so I suggest you to be at least 18+.:rage-1:

As Chev Chelios wakes up for a moment he sees two-man operating him and taking out his hearth after that he gets unconscious again. When he wakes up he finds out that in the place of his heart (to keep the body alive till the other organs get removed) has been put some kind of mechanism which is working on electricity. As soon as he understood what's the case he starts to chase down the black market dealer who got the heart.

Sounds pretty easy right? Without all the chase Chelios needs to charge his battery or something like that for the mechanism to survive. As if that wasn't enough he gets into several problems in the way and meets his girlfriend Eve in the nightclub in which later on happens a shooting between black market people and Chelios.

Later on in movie appears a strange guy named Venus which helps out Chelios in some places. As hard as Chelios tries to catch the black market dealer he ends up getting taken by some guys (yakuza if I am not wrong) to talk with him and at the same time get rid of him. As soon as he finds out the details Chelios kills every single person in the car which lead the car crash by hitting the electricity pole.

As the movie continues Chelios finally gets his hands on the dealer, beats him up to find out that his heart has already been moved to another place aka to the place where the deal was made. Soon Chelios gets to the place and finds out that behind all this was an old enemy of his. As the Chelios gets free he kills almost every single enemy. The ending is pretty close so it is not fun at all if I will spoil you that little part.

The movie was quite funny in my opinion. I would rate it as 7 since it had kinda strange logic to it in many ways. (pst. there are some pretty pervert scenes in it so be prepared if you are going to watch it :Blush:)


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