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class squadIntro{
        var text = `Welcome, fellow members of the WLA Community!\n`;
        text += `We invite you to join the recently-founded Code Squad.\n`;
        text += `\n`;
        text += `Brought to you by 5 awesome WLA Discord members, we code geeks are reaching out hands to all those people\n`;
        text += `who know how to code/still learning how to code for the first time!\n`;
        text += `By providing people the knowledge each members have when it comes to programming/development -- that is to:\n`;
        text += `share tools/resources we use, share projects that we have developed so far, and \n`;
        text += `share our past experiences with programming -- we have diversity for chatting and the likes.\n`;
        text += `\n`;
        text += `Filled with DevChat Support, Software Gore/Memes, Minigames, and other shenanigans, we strive to be as active and fun of a squad,\n`;
        text += `simply focused on our development hobby.\n`;
        text += `\n\n`;
        text += `Interested? Want to start writing some code? PM me here at the forums, or search for these wonderful folks at Discord:\n`;
        return console.log(`${text}`);
        var recruiters = {recruiters:
                    ["@Kajime Kazuhiro#7922",
                     "@Good Girl Seb #1033",
                     "@9flyCH ♂#0420",
        return console.log(JSON.stringify(recruiters));
        return console.log(`\n\nCiao for now, and hope to see you at our squad! :Wink Wink:`);

let intro = new squadIntro;
(And you think we forgot to showcase our squad's banner? hehehe~ pretty simple, but hoping you guys like it!)
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