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China precision alloy suppliers



Nov 19, 2018
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General description:
Kovar, also called 4J29 is a nickel-iron-cobalt alloy containing approximately 29% nickel and 17% cobalt. Its thermal expansion characteristics match those of borosilicate glasses and alumina type ceramics. It is manufactured to a close chemistry range, yielding repeatable properties which make it eminently suitable for glass-to-metal seals in mass production applications, or where reliability is of paramount importance.
Basic parameter:
Melting point: 1450℃
Density: 8.36g/cm³
Chemical composition:
Ni C S P Mn Si
28.5-29.50.03 max0.02 max0.02 max0.5 max0.3 max
Cr Co Cu Mo Fe
0.2 max16.8-17.80.2 max0.2 maxBasic
Production process of alloy Kovar round bar:
1st melting → 2nd remelting → hot forging → hot rolling → peeling → polishing
Application of alloy Kovar round bar:
· Aerospace;
· Glass sealing;
· Electron components etc.
We can provide more:
With advanced equipment and technology, we can serve you other products as follows:
1.High temperature alloys (Casting master alloy, deformation super alloy and so on).
2.Corrosion resistant alloy.
3.Welding wire.
4.Precision alloys (soft magnetic alloy, expansion alloy and so on).
5.High resistance alloys for electrical heating.
6.Valve steel,
7.Forged parts and so on.China precision alloy suppliers
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