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Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Name: Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2
Platform: Xbox 360; Ps3; Microsoft Windows; Mac OS X
Score: 9/10
Price: 19.99€ (According To Steam Marketplace)

Call Of Duty MW2 is a first-person shooter video game developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision.
It is the sixth installment of the Call of Duty series and the direct sequel to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, continuing the same storyline.

The game's campaign follows the Task Force 141, a special forces unit fronted by Captain Soap MacTavish, as they hunt Vladimir Makarov, leader of the Russian Ultranationalist party, and the United States Army Rangers, who are defending the country from a Russian invasion.

The story in MW2 begins in a training camp where you are getting tutored with different tasks, to test your skill level and give you the best optional difficulty.
In the first mission, you with other soldiers are trying to kill the enemies and get over the destroyed bridge, after that's done they go deeper into the city where they get ambushed...

As the story goes on Makarov with other men do a mass shooting in Airport wherein the end of escaping he shoots you and leaves you to the police. As the missions go on USAR are trying to defend several places and escort some of the people they find the plane crashed place in which was an important person, when they got to the crash place they find him dead with documents near him...
Later on, after several missions Ghost with his squad invades Makarovs house, when they don't find Makarov in it they start to collect all the intel from the computer in the house. As they try to escape with intel you get shot by the enemies, Ghost grabs you and tries to get to the landing place. As they get there they meet Captain Shephard which betrays them...
As Price and Soap find out about Shephard's betrayal, as revenge-seeking they chase him down...

The game includes for you multiplayer and co-op missions.

In Co-op missions, you can test your skills to beat several different difficulty maps, which will give you star rate 1-3. As you progress, that is getting more stars, you will have a chance to unlock more new missions which will get harder each time. The missions itself give you recommended time/Developer best time (I hope I got it right) and also your best time after completing the mission.

As for the multiplayer, you get several features as challenges, level 1-70 which you can reset to 0 once you reach max level and get your rank upgraded, several different titles and emblems, which you can use on your profile. The biggest bonus in the game is killsteaks, which allows you to get different awards for killing a number of players. In the game you get to chose 3 killsteaks. In the beginning, you will get only first 3 killsteaks, but later on, as you progress you will get a chance to unlock new killstreaks and change them.


Before I forget... The game gives you few weapon classes at the beginning as you start your games journey, as you progress you get a change to unlock your own custom class slots where you can change and set all your needed perks/guns for the game. Also as you progress you unlock different perks, challenges, and new guns/titles/emblems, which might be better than previous ones.

The game also gives you different game modes as Team Deathmatch, Capture The Point, Search And Destroy, etc,
Of course, game gives you different choice of maps which will be automatically chosen if you are not playing in private room, as the game gives you a map you have a choice to vote to skip it if you don't like it, but there is a number of other players skip required to skip the map(to other random map chosen by game), if the vote skip does not get enough skips the same maps stays...
There is also an option to change the color of your nickname/custom class name by using ^ and a number before the name like this
^1Laimed which would make it into this Laimed

As for the controls game give you a chance to sprint, jump (in several place you can also use jump as an option to get over some high places(grab jump)) gun scoping option, crouch or lean, without all of this there are few other controls which will be shown in the game tutorial or in-game control options.

MW2 from player view was the best game which was released by Infinity Ward and published by Activision.

Hmm, I think this might be it... Oh I forgot one thing if you want to play multiplayer be prepared for noobtubers or rpg users since they are almost in every fc single match and annoys half of the players :rage-1:
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I used to love playing this game, I remember when it first came out i sat up all night playing the multiplayer and then the campaign and i though the campaign was great i loved the story behind it with all the plot twists etc.... I definitely recommend this game to any who reads this review
I used to love playing this game, I remember when it first came out i sat up all night playing the multiplayer and then the campaign and i though the campaign was great i loved the story behind it with all the plot twists etc.... I definitely recommend this game to any who reads this review
then you know as well how it feels like to get your ass fc of noobtoobers :roflmao:
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