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Big Mommas Like Father, Like Son

Media: Movie
Name: Big Mommas Like Father, Like Son
IMDb Score: 4.4/10
Genres: Action, Comedy, Crime
:yay:Before we start, this thread is going to contain spoilers from the movie so it is up to you if you are going to read this or not!:yay:

Special FBI agent Malcolm has to cover and backup one guy from few dealers which require a flash drive which contains several different important files. As the dealers receive the flash drive they instantly test the content inside of it to find out that it was empty. As the shooting starts the guy starts to run away.

While everything was going on Trent, the son of Malcolm, was following his dad to get him to sign up the documents for his music career. As he hears the gunshots Trent tries to hide in a place where he thinks he would be safe. But unfortunately, he witnesses how one of the dealers kill the guy. As that wasn't enough Trent's phone starts to ring wich leads the dealer to come after him. Luckily Malcolm saves his life in last second.

As the movie goes on Malcolm dresses up to go undercover as Big Momma, taking Trent(dressed as a daughter) with him to an all-girls school. Soon enough Trent meets several girls in the school and starts to hang out with them to find out more information about the music box which was stolen from the school. Without all this, he also falls in love with Haley and tries to date with her, but fails.

Of course, in meanwhile Trent finds out that the girls, Trent is hanging out has a club. He gets invited to a party where he finds out that one of the club members does not have the neckless. Later on, Trent sees the same neckless with Malcolm which leads all the evidence to the girl and finds out that she had stolen the music box. Finally, when all the things get sorted out Trent finally gets the music box in which was hidden all the secret information about the dealers(flash drive). Soon enough the dealers show up at the school to get back the flash drive... If you know how is the movie going to end, good for you, if not, go and watch it :roflmao:

In the movie, you will see a lot of funny things like dancing on the table, the sports part and so on. In my opinion, the movie isn't that bad to put a score as low as this(IMDb), I would give it an 8 tho there might be quite a discussion about this, but we can leave that to another place and time. If you have watched it already you can leave your opinion in the chat.:nam:


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