Art Contest #4


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Hello everyone!


Our theme for this one will be Good vs Evil! Your drawing could be an inspiration from a video game, TV show or a movie etc. Whatever it might be, make sure your artwork represents whatever you believe fits this theme! : )

Please come and join as you could win:

1st place awards:

- $15 dollars Pay-Pal prize!
- Contest winner usergroup & and different username color!
- An art contest medal!

2nd place awards:

- Contest winner usergroup & and different username color!
- An art contest medal!

3rd place awards:

- An art contest medal!


- Only submit one artwork
- Digital or traditional allowed
- The artwork can be anything you like, and not necessarily anime-related.
- All forum rules apply here:
- Ripped submissions (art that is not yours and no sufficient evidence is provided to prove otherwise) will be disqualified & warned.
- Please keep this thread clean with submissions only.

Submissions will be judged on:

Use of Shade
Use of color (if any)
How clean it is

Please follow the format below when submitting in this thread:

[b]Title of art:[/b] what do you call this artwork?
[b]Artwork url:[/b] please place your artwork in [spoiler]direct url goes here[/spoiler] tags

Or attach your artwork in your post
Deadline of submissions


Best of luck and we can't wait to see your submissions!

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Title of art: Corrupted Angel

"Angel who can't and doesn't want to fly...
Without the wings where are the reasons to dream?
The night falls and the stars are gone from the sky, it has darkened!
They have forgotten me and this destiny is mine!

Title of art: Angles aren’t always good
Hey dude, do you mean "angels"?
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