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  1. Fang

    US Shooting, Jacksonville, FL

    https://www.thedailybeast.com/mass-shooting-at-madden-nfl-tournament-qualifier-in-jacksonville-reportedly-leaves-several-dead The video in this clip and on the site are extremely graphic. Caution advised.
  2. Fang

    Girls & Panzer

    Girls & Panzer Anime 8.5/10 Action, Military, School 12 Episodes (Fall 2012) Minor Spoilers Below What's not to love about schoolgirls and Tanks! An action-packed series about the sport of "Senshadou" using WWII-tanks in battles of elimination. Girls-only to show cultural appreciation of...
  3. Fang

    Princess Mononoke

    Mononke Hime (Princess Monoke) Anime: Movie 8.5/10 Action, Adventure, Fantasy Spoilers Below Princess Mononoke was a fantastic film by Studio Ghibli. Personally i rate it above the likes of My Neighbor Totoro and Howl's Moving Castle. The movie itself was filled with engrossing scenes from...
  4. Fang

    Gakkougurashi! (School Live)

    Gakkougurashi! (School Live) Anime 9/10 12 Episodes (Summer 2015) *Spoilers Below* Falling into the Slice of Life, Horror, School, Psychological categories Gakkougurashi! (School Live) was a real treat. Main character Yui Takeya is a carefree girl just attending her school, living her life...
  5. Fang

    Fairy Tail 100 Year Quest (Ch: 6)

    https://mangarock.com/manga/mrs-serie-100280579/chapter/mrs-chapter-100299663 Ch: 6 Slaying Blade
  6. Fang

    Wolf Children

    Wolf Children (Ōkami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki) Anime (Movie) 8/10 Description
  7. Fang

    Lyrics of Value

    Share some of your most memorable, inspirational, meaningful lyrics from songs below Linkin Park : Breaking The Habit "I don't know what's worth fighting for Or why I have to scream I don't know why I instigate And say what I don't mean I don't know how I got this way I know it's not alright So...
  8. Fang

    Fairy Tail 100 Year Quest (Ch: 5)

    Ch: 5 of Fairy Tail 100 Year Quest !! Thoughts/Predictions? will update this with my own input later https://mangarock.com/manga/mrs-serie-100280579/chapter/mrs-chapter-100295147
  9. Fang

    Koe No Katachi vs Kimi No Na WA

    We hear the debate all the time "Your Name is the best movie!" "Koe No Katachi is way better than Kimi No Wa Wa!" Well, thoughts? *spoilers below* Koe No Katachi (for me) is a better movie at bringing out an emotional reaction. A movie built upon real issues that people go through: Bullying...
  10. Fang

    Made In Abyss

    Anime Made In Abyss 9/10 Description Made In Abyss season one takes you on a journey. From a marvelous score to capture each scene and feed into the emotion of the characters to the graphic nature of the animation it is a show you can't press pause on. With only one season...
  11. Fang

    Fairy Tail Finale Countdown!

    The fall season is rapidly approaching and with it, the Final Season of Fairy Tail. From 2009-2017 Fairy Tail has given us 265 episodes of story line content, 12 episodes of Zero a must-watch prequel involving the origins of the Fairy Tail guild, 2 movies, and 9 separate original animations...
  12. Fang

    Trailer ALX

    Nothing like a story about a man and his dog right? well, how about a man and his military cyber-enchanced robotic dog! I'll be looking forward to this family movie.
  13. Fang

    Trailer Mile 22

    Seems to be your generic action movie of course BUUUTUTUTUTUTU!!! We get Mark Wahlberg AND Lauren Cohan (Maggie TDW) so i'm excited to see a Marky film along with 'maggie' portraying another badass character!
  14. Fang

    Shokugeki No Soma (Food Wars!) Season 3 (post)

    Season 3 of Shokugeki ended the other month, what are your thoughts on the progression of the story so far? (anime specific) Personally this has been on the top of my list since i first heard about it during season 1 and each episode has further captured my interest. Maybe it's the concept of...
  15. Fang

    Anime that deserves another season/to be finished!

    If I could pick only one that needed to be finished?? Log Horizon Loved the 2 seasons that were completed by this show, heartbreaking the reason why season 3 was never made, yet I wish another studio or the remnants of the team could somehow finish it up the end of season 2 leaves so much...
  16. Fang

    Ghost Of Tsushima

    (E3 Video) Hope this game lives up to the hype I got from E3. The fighting looks great and the devs actually seem to have studied the proper styles of the culture. The ghx from the in-game play-through were stunning.
  17. Fang

    US Leaves The UN Human Rights Council

  18. Fang

    Last Of Us 2!

    Game this hype needs it's own thread fkking PogChamp! NaughtyDog doing it again, yes my fan-girl screams are out right now.
  19. Fang

    E3 HYPE!

    Thoughts on E3 so far? winners/losers? Games you are hyped for, disappointed in?
  20. Fang

    John Peter "TotalBiscuit" Bain (1984-2018)

    Yesterday (May 24th) The video game scene lost a huge member in TotalBiscuit. Known widely for his commentary in Starcraft 2 during the early days of the seen, he amassed over 2million subs on YouTube with his content as well as being a top Steam curator with over 800,000 followers which...
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