One Outs Anime Review

“No one wins, but I!”

Media: Anime

Name: One Outs

Rating: 8/10​

Note: This review contains spoilers for the first 2 episodes. Although I believe your enjoyment won’t change even if you know how the first two episodes end up.

One Outs is a story following a gambler by the name of Toua Tokuchi, who is a new pitcher the last place Saitama Lycaons. His journey to lead them to become the champions of the Japanese Pacific Baseball League.

The story of One Outs begins when the star player of the Lycaons, Kojima Hiromichi, holds a training camp in order to help his team out of the last place. When the pitcher injures himself, they have to find another one. That’s when they meet our protagonist, Toua Tokuchi, and the game of One Outs. We are shown he’s the master of this game, but after many matches we the Lycacon members, we finally defeated for his first time. After this, he joins the Lyacons, and his time with the Lyacons finally begins. 

After he joined, it is revealed who the antagonist is, Saikawa, the owner of the Lyacons. Saikawa is only doing this for the money and doesn’t care for about winning or losing. So, when Tokuchi revealed to him the One Outs contract, it seems all too good for him; the owner gives Tokuchi 5,000,000 yen for every one he gets while pitching but loses 50,000,000 he gives up. Now, the main premise is shown and the battle between Tokuchi and the owner has begun. The owner will use interesting ways to try to get his own team to lose, and we get to watch how Tokuchi combats this. This fight in this comical situation will always bring out laughs (and amazement) as we see the Tokuchi plans to interrupt the Owner’s plans.

And now, we watch the story of how Tokuchi, using his strategies, deals with other teams while making a profit with the One Outs contract. It is always fun seeing how he faces the other team’s strategies, whereas those other teams might use superstar players or downright cheat. Seeing Tokuchi’s thought process, which is full of high intellect and observational skills, is always a blast when he’s on the field. I fully recommend to those who like mentally overpowered main characters and see how they dominate their craft. I, even more, recommend this to those who have a deeper understanding of baseball, since you’ll enjoy how these unlikely loopholes in the baseball rules are taken advantage of, although you don’t need to know a single thing about baseball in order to enjoy this anime.

Written by cake.

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