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Awarded medals

Forum Top Rank Award!
Has been the Forum member with the highest post count!
Profile Design Award!
As promised in the discord~ best looking profile gg
Talkative Award!
reached 100h on discord voice chat stats gg
Jas Killer Award!
Killed Jas during a PUBG Custom Game with a nade, well played!
Discord Nerd Award!
on discord 23.99/7
Staff Member Award!
Staff of the Month
Otaku Award!
5 reviews!! Thank you very much!! : )
Kawaii Award!
Why u so qt
Welcome Award!
I've seen you guys welcome a trillion people in the welcome section on Discord, keep up the great work! <3
Klaus' Forum Warrior
For being awesome and faithful members of our forum! You guys are the best!
Goddess Award!
Won the medal during a giveaway!
tsuki's weird discord events award
winner of my stupid 1000 message event on discord 2/08/18
Lewd Award!
too damn l00d ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Sm0l Games Female Award!
Won during the Sm0l Games with Jas event!
PUBG Winner Award!
Won a PUBG Game during WLA Event in PUBG!
PUBG Winner Award!
Won a six-man PUBG Game during WLA Custom Games on PUBG!
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