Great Teacher Onizuka Anime Review

Media: Anime
Name: Great Teacher Onizuka
MAL Score: 8.72/10
Episodes: 43
Genres: Comedy, Drama, School, Shounen, Slice of Life


I don’t usually watch any school-related or slice-of-life anime, since they don’t usually show anything interesting and just copy each other. But there is one pretty old title I would like to talk about this time. This anime was one of my first I have watched back on TV and that was a pure fun. It is “Great Teacher Onizuka”, released by Studio Pierrot, that took part in producing most popular titles like Naruto, Bleach, Belzebub, Tokyo Ghoul and etc.

The setting

The story is about a former biker gang leader Eikichi Onizuka, who has decided to start a new life of a normal person to find some sweet girls. And for that idea he has aimed to become the greatest teacher – teachers are always in contact with some cute high-school girls, so why not. But when he takes the position, he actually finds out that it is not easy to just teach pupils. He is assigned to the worst class in terms of behavior, that want to drive the new class teacher out. Unfortunately, Onizuka is not a normal one, huh.

Onizuka’s Teaching Style

The show is filled with a big number of lewd jokes, humour in general, but it mixes with the story overall and school environment so much. Despite Onizuka being a full pervert and a bad person overall, he teaches the students in his own way, and that way works! He slowly makes the whole class change their attitude towards the teachers and become friends with him. And this opens different opportunities to Onizuka himself, so that is a win-win.

But what about design?

The design there is quite ok, since the show has aired in 1999-2000. That is, you can say, the classics, that is how most shows have been drawn at that time, so I don’t really mind it. You can see this art in early series of Naruto or even Evangelion, and that is why for people, who grew on those shows, this might hook up. Also I cannot say anything about the OST, since it is pretty normal. But that normalty perfectly fits in describing the everyday school life.


Overall, GTO is a perfect example of a good slice of life/school show with a good amount of humour, which doesn’t lose its sharm and keeps on entertaining people. I eagerly recommend it for everyone to watch it – it doesn’t have any action or fights, so just relax and have fun.

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