Granblue Fantasy Anime Game Review Pt. 6 – Music and Conclusion

The sixth part of this review is all about the music in Granblue Fantasy and the review will be concluded in this article.

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The music in this game is very pleasing to the ears. You’ll be sitting there reading the story and the music just emphasises what you’re reading and it just engrossing you into the story. The main menu music will get stuck in your head, the shop has its own music. This all creates a memorable experience and just give you a good feeling about the game. OH BOY don’t get me started on the raid music, you’ll just be doing the raid normally then BAM the music kicks in and just ooohhhh does it feel nice to listen to them. The older raids have pretty generic music but the newer raids; man ohhh man are they good. I often find myself singing along to the newer raids music and even some of the sound tracks have generated their own memes of how ridiculously good they are.


Man this review is LONG! I do apologise the amount of text you had to read but oh my gosh, I deeply love this game. Hopefully you could get that feeling. Anyways this game has so much content, it has insane amounts of things to do and can often overwhelm you. But man can this lead to a rewarding and often “Hell Yeah (fist raised)” moments when things just go right for you. Especially the gacha rolls oh boy are there a roller coaster of emotions. There is so much I’ve left out because it’s not much of an experience if I tell you what’s so great about every fine detail.

Overall hopefully I tried to achieve my goal of piquing your interest of picking up this game, since this game originally started from a mobile/web browser app you can legit farm anywhere. I often see myself playing the game when I’m going to work or even on my lunch breaks! I do agree that it can be a bit off putting and it might not interest you however just give the game a little bit of your attention.

I’m very grateful and very glad that you took your time to read this review that was passionately written by me, This is the very first ever game Review on and I hoped you enjoyed it! I want to Sincerely Thank You! <3 for reading all of it; personally writing this review has been extremely satisfying!

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