Granblue Fantasy Anime Game Review Pt. 5 – Art

The fifth part of this review is all about the art and design in Granblue Fantasy.

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The art in this game is absolutely beautiful. Producers have put a lot of effort and time into passionately designing characters to make them look pleasing. The designers and art team have really fleshed out the character designs. There are the base art style of the characters then there are their upgraded versions, there’s the MC art and all the classes, the background, the NPCs. There’s so much of it and it really makes this game visually pleasing. Oh I also forgot! A lot of detail and precision has gone into designing the raid bosses. Over the years Cygames has greatly improved their art style. Newly designed characters demonstrate this. The amount of extra detail that was given to the characters are absolutely breathtaking. It’s better off to show you what I mean rather than boast about it through text.

Doesn’t those designs look beautiful? The battle designs are all chibi based too have a gander!

These are all cute and show off the personality of the character your playing. The designs that are shown to you are at every corner of the game, it’s just so good looking!

Written by Beta.

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