Granblue Fantasy Anime Game Review Pt. 4 – Story

The forth part of this review is all about the story in Granblue Fantasy.

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In the universe of Granblue Fantasy, you are playing a character (Male or Female; you can change it on the fly) that is the child of a famous Skyfarer. You dream is to follow in his footsteps and reach the mythical realm of Astrals. Then after that, finally reach the mythical island of Ustalucia. Your adventure takes you to multiple flying islands where you meet all unique characters. You would often get yourself involved with the islands issues. Since you’re such a nice player you decide to help them. This would help you achieve your goal of collecting all the Sky Maps from each Skydome. This would give you a hint on how to get to Ustalucia. You must fight the islands Primal Beast to receive these Map Pieces however these battles aren’t easy.

As the story progresses you start creating you own team of skyfares to travel with you. These are your friends that will stick with you through thick and thin. They’re willing to go on this crazy adventure with you to see how far the skies can go.

The story gets really engaging. Overall there are a lot of emotional moments that have led me to be very teary eyed. The later chapters are extremely well written and enjoyable to read. A lot of the characters that you meet in your travels still have a part in the overall story. They contribute to the lore.

Each Character that joins your crew either via Gacha, Story Progression or Events/Collabs have their own Fate Episodes. These further give them more character development. Finishing their fate story can give that character an upgrade and that juicy juicy crystals to feed towards your spark. As the game gets updated there is more story to read. As of writing this review there’s a total of 126 Chapters and we’re nowhere near the Astral Realm.

Written by Beta.

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