Granblue Fantasy Anime Game Review Pt. 3 – Gacha

Third part of a big review is all about gacha content in Granblue Fantasy: is it playable without paying real money and how donate can influence the game.

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Alright, this is the most important part for this whole Granblue Fantasy review. You probably have a question “Do I have to sink any money into this?” or “Is this game Pay-to-Win? (P2W)”. Let’s first try to answer both these questions first;

  1. No, you don’t have to sink any money into this game at all, you can start from Day 1 and hit endgame with not spending a single cent in the game. All the microtransaction consist of spicy skins for characters, more gacha pulls or even items that help you with progression. However all the items and Gacha pulls can be earnt through gameplay.
  2. Definitely Not, this game doesn’t promote any P2W methods. You can spend money for more pulls, but to be frank with you all the gacha pulls can be earned if you are patient enough.

For the Gacha Pulls, there is a currency called crystals, plus there are tickets that help you towards the Pity System called a spark. By saving 300 pulls you’re able to specifically select a unit that’s within the banner. The best advice – to wait for special banners that increase the SSR rates or when the best characters are in + the SSR boosts at the same time. It can be extremely tempting to pull for units every banner but you won’t get anywhere by doing that. So just save all your pulls for a Spark – it’s worth it. You can be extremely lucky and get other strong characters as well as getting the unit you wanted.

Granblue Fantasy is extremely rewarding. It’s one of the most generous games I’ve played in a while. You get crystals from literally anything in game. You get tickets more than you get crystals. As you can see the game just rewards you for just playing. Don’t even get me started on the events – this is the prime time to get crystals and tickets. So as you can see this game can be completely free, it’s entirely up to you if you want to support the company or not.

Written by Beta.

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