Granblue Fantasy Anime Game Review Pt. 2 – Gameplay

In this part we will finish with gameplay and set the route to other interesting features Granblue Fantasy has. Enjoy!

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Class System

Having so much range and almost unlimited amounts of team comps and strategies, your MC has to keep up with all of it. That’s why developers have implemented a special class system. This really distinguishes what type of player you are. You have your generic Tank, Damage Dealer and Healer. However, Granblue Fantasy is too cool for that. It has even more classes that fit a specific type of playstyle or a goal you want to try and achieve.

There are multiple tiers (4 tiers) and each tier is better than their last class tier adding additional effects and bonuses to the class. In addition to these Tiers there are 2 special tiers: EX1 and EX2. The classes there are completely different from the other tiered classes as they are completely unique and have a completely different playstyle. I’m not going to go into detail I want you to experience them yourself. You could say they’re quite special 😏.


Well I’ve got the foundation laid out, let’s get into the Raids. If you think GBF is all about a single-player experience, you’re quite wrong! This is where the coveted raids come in. There is quite a lot of raids in this game. They consist of other players joining and helping you fight the boss. You can have 30, 18 and 6 member raids. This can often be chaotic because having so many players all trying to damage and kill the boss at the same time can often lead to your team being wiped. There are players that are a bit inconsiderate to other members. They often can one-shot the boss or just power through, leaving you unable to get the maximum amount of rewards; or you can just be a complete badass and just solo raids. Since there are so many raids and some are incredibly hard to solo.

Cygames really emphasis team work in Granblue Fantasy , especially with the newer raids that come out. These raids have so many mechanics that you can learn through trial and error or you could research. I’ve made so many memorable moments learning the hard way about a specific mechanic within a raid and discussing it with others. This game truly makes you want to improve and discuss the game with other players.

Gameplay Loop

This is probably the part that will really make or break a game for people. Gameplay loops are in every game and how it’s handled can really enrich or ruin the game. GBF’s gameplay loop is all towards progression and early on it’s insanely intimidating. When you start off you have such an enormous wall in front of you, however please don’t be disheartened about this. This game rewards effort. you can play casual or hardcore it’s entirely up to you and how much you enjoy the game.

The gameplay loop consist of farming and almost more non-stop farming. This game is often referred to Grindblue Fantasy and the name doesn’t lie. You farm raids that have a chance for dropping weapons that go into your weapon grid (weapon grids buff your team by giving them unique buff and HP/ATK stats too) and then you farm more! By farming and getting more weapons to improve your team you’re able to beat harder and harder raids. Truly this is the gameplay loop. It can really make things really difficult or even stale (at some point) for players. I enjoy this gameplay loop as it reminds me of World of Warcraft or any other MMORPGs. It’s incredibly satisfying seeing your progression go from smol bean to a buff gorilla. You can gain insane amounts of progression from day 1. Personally, I would set small goals and an overall main goal to aim towards. This tries to attempt to keep the game relatively fresh and avoid the “this game is stale now” thought.


This game can get some really cool collaborations, As the writing of this review there’s a Code Geass Collab going on where you can get all the MCs from the Anime. In the past there have been an Attack on Titan, Detective Connan, Love Live!, The Tales Series, Street Fighter, Persona 5 and they even had a McDonalds Collab.

I guess, that is all for the Gameplay part, so in next posts we will talk about other features.

Written by Beta.

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