No. 6 Review

Media: Anime

Name: No. 6

MAL Rating: 7.72/10

Six city states rose after a long and bloody war waged in the world. Life, for a time, seemed perfect, utopian but there were many evils hiding under the surface. No. 6 follows the story of a young boy by the name of Shion who has lived his life in the wealth of city-state No. 6 along with his mother who owned a bakery. After a loud ringing sounds in the distance during a large storm, a mysterious boy enters his room. Shion agrees to help him with a wound, who introduces himself as Nezumi, or Rat, who is also a fugitive. This chance encounter changes Shions life who is then banished from the city losing he and his mother’s elite status within the city. The change of location made Shion learn a lot about the differences in life style and how life may not be as utopian as he once thought.

Years later and the two meet again and work together to expose the secrets behind the increase of mysterious deaths within No. 6.

This, personally, is one of my favorite anime. The anime adaptation differs slightly from its light novel counterpart, but both are enjoyable.​

Written by Eos

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Death Parade Review

Media: Anime
Name: Death Parade
MAL Score: 8.26/10
Episodes: 12
Genres: Game, Mystery, Psychological, Drama, Thriller 
About the anime:

Before we start let me warn you, there is going to be quite an amount of spoiled parts from anime

After death, there is no heaven or hell.
Whenever someone dies they get sent to the bar(s). As the souls leave the elevator and enter the bar they will meet mysterious bartenders (also known as arbiters) who will ask questions and gives them several explanations till the time comes when they tell them to play a game. As if that wasn’t enough the bartender shows to the souls something scary and tells them that in case if they don’t play the game that might happen to them…

As the souls accept to play the game, the bartender gives them a button, in which case the game will be chosen. As the game starts the bartender starts to judge the two souls. While playing the game each soul will remember bits from their last moments before their death. As the game ends bartenders will decide, which soul will go to the void and which soul will be sent for reincarnation.

Of course, without the pain, there is no game! As the souls play the game they might get a different pain in their body, as thanks to that, they get to remember the last bits before the death. In some cases, the game might lead to huge conflicts which might end with the other soul wanting to kill the other one.

As the story goes, several things get explained. In the end, one of the bartenders, which did not have any emotions, finally manages to find them thanks to a soul which was working in a bar at that time, but what happened to the soul, that might be interesting.

I personally enjoyed it, rated it with a score of 9. There have been rumors around the websites from people, that there might be a 2nd season. As I didn’t want to spoil much about each game and each soul history the review ended up kinda pretty short. I think I didn’t miss much about the anime.

Written by Laimed

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No Game No Life Review

Media: Anime
Name: No Game No Life
MAL Score: 8.40/10
Episodes: 12
Seasons: 1 + Movie
Genres: Game, Adventure, Comedy, Supernatural, Ecchi, Fantasy 
Movie: Game, Supernatural, Drama, Romance, Fantasy 
About the anime:

Before we start let me warn you, there is going to be quite an amount of spoiled parts from anime

Sora and Shiro are two hikikomori siblings who are known in the online gaming world as an undefeated group of gamers named Blank. 
One day, they are challenged to a game of chess by a god named Tet who comes from another reality.

As they believed it was a joke, believing it to be a joke, and are summoned to a reality known as Disboard. There, a spell known as the Ten Pledges prevents the citizens of Disboard from inflicting harm on one another, forcing them to resolve their differences by gambling with games whose rules and rewards are magically enforced.

In-game, rule enforcement only occurs when the method of cheating is acknowledged and outed by the opponent, allowing players to cheat through discreet methods. Sora and Shiro travel to Elkia, the nation inhabited by humans, and befriend the duchess Stephanie Dola. Learning about Elkia’s decline, the two participate in a tournament to determine the next ruler; after winning the crown, they earn the right to challenge the Disboard’s other species as humanity’s representative. 
Sora and Shiro goal are to take over every one of the species in order to challenge the god Tet in a game…

As for the movie (No Game No Life:Zero)

In the past guy named Riku tries to save humanity from sixteen sentient species fighting to establish the “One True God” amongst the Old Deus. 
As the time goes Riku finds several strange things, but as a cost of that, he loses a dear friend, who sacrifices himself just to let the 2 others get out of the danger.

Later on, Riku finds a powerful female Ex-Machina, whom he names Schwi, in an abandoned elf city. 

As the time goes on Riku finds out that Schwi was researching human emotions and was sure that humans have survived that long only because of the power of feelings.

As Riku and Schwi are getting closer and closer until they form a partnership. 

After quite some time Riku with Schwi manages to organize a plan which would lead the humanity to better life. As the plan goes on several events happens. Thanks to that humanity extinction has been eliminated but what happened while they were managing/progressing in their plan is up to you to find out!

As we speak, movie and the TV series are interesting to watch, the tv series might have more fun included in it than the movie. As I have said and most of you already know… each person has it’s own taste, as for me I enjoyed it! I gave the movie solid 9 as for the TV series I am still thinking which scores is better.

Written by Laimed

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One Outs Review

“No one wins, but I!”

Media: Anime

Name: One Outs

Rating: 8/10​

Note: This review contains spoilers for the first 2 episodes, although I believe your enjoyment won’t change even if you know how the first two episodes end up.

One Outs is a story following a gambler by the name of Toua Tokuchi, who is a new pitcher the last place Saitama Lycaons, and his journey to lead them to become the champions of the Japanese Pacific Baseball League.

The story of One Outs begins when the star player of the Lycaons, Kojima Hiromichi, holds a training camp in order to help his team out of the last place. When the pitcher injures himself, they have to find another one. That’s when they meet our protagonist, Toua Tokuchi, and the game of One Outs. We are shown he’s the master of this game, but after many matches we the Lycacon members, we finally defeated for his first time. After this, he joins the Lyacons, and his time with the Lyacons finally begins. 

After he joined, it is revealed who the antagonist is, Saikawa, the owner of the Lyacons. Saikawa is only doing this for the money and doesn’t care for about winning or losing. So, when Tokuchi revealed to him the One Outs contract, it seems all too good for him; the owner gives Tokuchi 5,000,000 yen for every one he gets while pitching but loses 50,000,000 he gives up. Now, the main premise is shown and the battle between Tokuchi and the owner has begun. The owner will use interesting ways to try to get his own team to lose, and we get to watch how Tokuchi combats this. This fight in this comical situation will always bring out laughs (and amazement) as we see the Tokuchi plans to interrupt the Owner’s plans.

And now, we watch the story of how Tokuchi, using his strategies, deals with other teams while making a profit with the One Outs contract. It is always fun seeing how he faces the other team’s strategies, whereas those other teams might use superstar players or downright cheat. Seeing Tokuchi’s thought process, which is full of high intellect and observational skills, is always a blast when he’s on the field. I fully recommend to those who like mentally overpowered main characters and see how they dominate their craft. I, even more, recommend this to those who have a deeper understanding of baseball, since you’ll enjoy how these unlikely loopholes in the baseball rules are taken advantage of, although you don’t need to know a single thing about baseball in order to enjoy this anime.

Written by cake

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Made In Abyss Review

MediaAnime (Movie)

Name: Made in Abyss

Rating: 9/10


​Made In Abyss season one takes you on a journey. From a marvelous score to capture each scene and feed into the emotion of the characters to the graphic nature of the animation it is a show you can’t press pause on. With only one season in the books and a second season scheduled in the future the wait is frustrating to say the least. MiA stands out from other anime because of how it told the story in reference to the manga. Not a direct correlation, but it stayed true with the bonus of episode 13 being twice as long. 

MiA did an excellent job in terms of pacing, storytelling and character development. As the show progressed one could draw from each of the characters into their own lives; being underestimated, picked on, a desire to prove yourself, a nigh impossible journey, the love of a parent, having to leave everything you know behind to journey into a world unknown.
The Abyss itself, what a marvelous creation, each level having its own surprises extending down beyond human imagination. I really liked the concept of the Abyss in how it affected people. Similar to a diver who gets the bends after diving and resurfacing, the effects can be life threatening. 
For myself, the most memorable moment would be the episodes spent with Nanachi. How her demeanor changed upon getting to know our main heroines from hostility to friendship and uncovering her story instilled such emotion. MiA is an anime that once begun, can’t be put away. You want to know what happens next and can only look forward at what is to come in season 2.

To those wishing to follow the story without waiting for season 2, there is a manga available with 47 chapters released to date

Written by Fang

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Wolf Children Review

Media: Anime (Movie)

Name: Wolf Children

Rating: 8/10


Wolf Children is narrated by daughter Yuki and i would recommend it to those that like a coming of age story. A person who enjoys simple themes centered on life and the challenges one can face. Wolf Children adds it’s own twist to these themes as we find out Hana (mother) meets Wolf Man (father) in college and as they grow close the truth is told that Wolf Man is a werewolf. An incident immediately after the birth of their second child Hana’s husband is killed leaving her alone to try and raise two half-human, half-wolf babies. Daughter Yuki and son Ame experience their own challenges as they grow older, along with mother Hana as she is forced to adapt to a new life in the mountains to limit the risk of their secret coming out. Before either of them are in school, Yuki shows her likeness to wanting to be a wolf, running around the house and off into the mountains seemingly embracing the wolf within. Ame, however, shows distaste at the thought of being a wolf having read a children’s book, thinking wolves are perceived as “the bad guys” and thus not wanting to be something people hate and fear. 

With some pestering from YukiHana allows her to attend school, fitting in at first given her initial wolf behaviors (collecting dead animal bones instead of jewelry) is a hassle, but with a dress made by her mother Yuki is able to adapt and begins to make friends. This all changes after a new transfer student Sohei starts pestering her resulting in the climactic event of her turning partly into her wolf-form and clawing his ear. Yuki takes this incident to heart and vows to never turn into a wolf again.

Ame’s first dislike of being a wolf changes during Yuki’s first year at school. Being a year younger he instead follows his mother to work where he meets a captive wolf and starts to learn about the mountains. Three years pass showing Ame’s difficulties in school. He doesn’t fit in and with his change of character he starts to skip class to instead go explore the mountainside. Here we discover ‘Master’ a fox that teaches Ame all about hunting, tracking, everything needed to become a wolf (or rather a fox). The swap in personalities of Ame and Yuki comes to a climax as the two have a dangerous fight in wolf-form. Ame’s eyes glow red and personally i feared he was being lost to his wolf instincts.

Everything comes to a head with a giant thunderstorm. Yuki is away at school while it happens and parents were called to pick up their children. Hana prepares to leave and calls out to Ame but he is gone, he ran off into the words concerned for Master and presumably any other animals he might come to help. Hana, instead of going to the school begins a desperate search for Ame, scrambling up a weather-torn mountain before falling down a cliff-side into unconsciousness. Yuki, meanwhile is at school awaiting her mother’s arrival. By this point her and Sohei had formed a tentative friendship and with neither of their parents showing up at the school they are left alone after hiding from officials seeking to take them home. A touching scene and Yuki shows her wolf-form to Sohei who takes it extremely well saying that he already knew and planned to keep it a secret.

The movies comes to an end with Ame rescuing his mother from the mountain and bringing her to safety. He gives a final glance before racing up the mountain, clearly choosing his path in life. Yuki goes on to attend middle school, moving into the dorms their, leaving Hana at their mountain home alone. She is seen expressing her love for passed father and husband via the long-kept Identification card present on a headboard, as the scene happens a long-howl is heard (no doubt from Ame). The significance, being a resolute end, proving that both parents dreams of letting their two children grow up to be who they wanted to be whether wolf or human had come true.

Written by Fang

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Deadman Wonderland Review

Media: Anime

Name: Deadman Wonderland

MAL Rating: 7.40/10


Warning: contains some spoilers!

Deadman Wonderland is a shonen based in Tokyo after a large earthquake wipes out the entire city. From its ashes a prison called Deadman Wonderland is born. In it are some of the worlds hardest criminals that are then housed within the prison that seconds as an amusement park. Visitors came come from all over the world to watch the criminals fight to the death in a series of games and competitions.

After the earthquake, a number of people exposed to red, crystal like shards find themselves with new-found powers. Deadman Wonderland follows the story of a young boy named Ganta Igarashi who also finds himself with the mysterious power to manipulate his blood. His school is attacked and Ganta is blamed for the death of his entire class and then sent to horrendous amusement park prison to pay for his crimes. Little did he know that there was much more afoot than a simple frame job. Ganta must stay alive and prove his innocence while surrounded by psychotic and dangerous individuals.

Thing is…the inmates aren’t even the worst. The guards and warden are just as hardened as the criminals, in fact worse. A system is set in place to ensure the cooperation of the inmates, a device around the neck that can kill on command but also poisons the inmates every three days. Without the antidote, a specialized piece of candy, which can be earned through the events or stolen from others, encourages the inmates to kill and claw their way.

Deadman Wonderland did not receive its deserved attention in Japan upon its release and only became popular with its US debut but is still one of the highly recommended horror shonen.​

Written by Eos

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