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    We, the We Love Anime staff, understand that [some] may not be aware of the rules and regulations that WLA adheres to here on the forum and on the Discord server. However, ignorance of said rules is not an excuse to get away with behaviour that we deem unsightly or untoward in terms of conduct towards the server, its members and staff, et cetera.

    Of course, we do know that there are instances where a ban could have been handled differently and/or could be reviewed by the team..

    If you were banned and feel that it was unjust, or if you believe you have reason to make an appeal, please follow the guidelines below so that we may review your case and see if you are eligible for a ban-lift.

    Provide the details as follows in the thread you will be creating and be as precise as you can with the details so that we can speed up the process and get back to you sooner.

    • [User] Discord ID and Tag/Steam Link
    • Date of ban (exact or approx).
    • Name of mod who had warned of misconduct (or believe to have been the one to perform the ban).
    • Reason why [user] broke the rules.
    • Any apology or justification on your side over the matter.
    • An assurance that the offense would not be repeated, and acknowledging that moving forward after being unbanned, that they are no longer eligible for another appeal should they get banned again.
    Additional Notes
      • In order to get your ID you need to go to: >Settings >Appearance >Turn on Developer mod >Type Something > Right click your PFP > Copy ID
      • Name of mod isn't to play the blame game and is strictly for investigation process.
      • Continuous negligence of the rules or repeated offences will lead to a permanent ban.
      • Bypassing a ban by creating an alt is strictly prohibited and will be subject to another ban on that new account.

    With those questions filled out, please understand that it may take us a few hours up to a day or so depending on the situation. During the wait, please, and I do emphasize to NOT cause any trouble for the person reviewing your ban or the staff member you believe has banned you.

    Hostility towards a staff member (harassing, flaming, bashing, and the like) during an appeal would be taken against you.
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