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Media: Manga
Title: Kasane by Daruuma Matsura
Rating: 9/10
Description: Kasane is your not so typical take on human nature and the perception of beauty, the struggle someone goes through while being labeled 'beautiful' and the struggle from another on the flipside being labeled a 'monster'. Primarily we follow the story from the perspective of the protagonist Kasane Fuchi, a troubled girl with a monstrous face who tries incredibly hard to live up to her deceased mother's name while the world pushes her around indiscriminately. Below I'll break it down into Story, art and similar.

Story/Plot: 10/10
I found that Daruuma Matsura did an amazing job at showing the intricacies of human nature and the dirtiness people hold inside them, from bullying, to depression, to questionable life choices he showcases it all throughout Kasane's life and the lives of the other side characters. The...​
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