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Platform(s): PC Games(Microsoft Windows/mac os) Phone Games(iOS/Windows Phone/Android operating system)
Games Name: OSU!
Release Date: September 16th,2007
Modes: Single-Player; Multi-Player

OSU! is a free and open-source rhythm game developed and published by Australia-based company Ppy Pty Ltd, created...
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Made In Abyss

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Made In Abyss


Made In Abyss season one takes you on a journey. From a marvelous score to capture each scene and feed into the emotion of the characters to the graphic nature of the animation it is a show you can't press pause on. With only one season in the books and a second season scheduled in the future the wait is frustrating to say the least. MiA stands out from other anime because of how it told the story in reference to the manga. Not a direct correlation, but it stayed true with the bonus of episode 13 being twice as long.
MiA did an excellent job in terms of pacing, storytelling and character development. As the show progressed one could draw from each of the characters into their own lives; being underestimated, picked on, a desire to prove...
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Media: Anime

Name: ERASED (The Town Where Only I am Missing)

MAL Rating: 8.55/10

ERASED is an anime based in Japan following a man who is plagued with the weird gift that he calls Revival. The main character Fujinuma Satoru finds himself going back in time by up to fifteen minutes usually to stop something bad from happening. After a string of events, Satoru finds himself returning to his childhood years and must figure out why he was sent back so far for the first time. While going to school and reliving his childhood, Satoru and his friends finally find his reason for being sent back and must find a way to save four people whose lives hang in the balance.

ERASED was later adapted into a live action by Netflix. While the anime took its own approach towards the end of the series, the Netflix series more closely resembles the path of the manga. The art in the series is based off a real...​
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League of Legends

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Media: PC Game (Mac & Windows), Multiplayer PvP

Name: League of Legends

Rating: 8/10


League of Legends is a Multi-Online Battle Arena (MOBA) Styles game set in a fictional world known as Runeterra. With over a hundred champions to choose from, the diversity in the game is never-ending. Runeterra is politically driven by several factions that over time have battled each other in skirmishes and all out wars. Each champion has a unique lore that is very detailed and well connected to other champions both from their own factions and opposing or allied factions.

Because of the non-stop killing and conflict, three mages created a system, an arena which they called The League of Legends where random champions of random factions would fight alongside each other in the Fields of Justice. They lead small armies of minions, creatures to...​
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Media: Game

Name: Overwatch

Rating: 8.5/10

Description: Overwatch is a first person shooter/ Competitive game that is a very team based game, In quick play you have four types of game modes ranging from:

- Capture the flag (Capture the enemies flag and return it to your capture point to score)
- Escorting the payload (Escort a payload to a certain location as the enemies tries to stop you)
- Control (Control a certain point of the map untill you reach 100% and there are a total of two rounds per team so if one team wins twice its game over)
- Hybrid

Their is an arcade mode that has many game-modes so i will list off as many as i can remember from when i last played:

- 1v1: Mystery Dual
- 1v1 Limited Dual
- 3v3 Eliminations
- 3v3 lockout Eliminations
- 6v6 lockout Eliminations
- 6v6 Mystery Heros
- 6v6 No Limits
- Capture The Flag
- Total Mayhem
- Low Gravity
- Deathmatch
- Team Deathmatch

Now not all...
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