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No Game No Life

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Media: Anime
Name: No Game No Life
MAL Score: 8.40/10
Episodes: 12
Seasons: 1 + Movie
Genres: Game, Adventure, Comedy, Supernatural, Ecchi, Fantasy
Movie: Game, Supernatural, Drama, Romance, Fantasy
About the anime:
:whoseMan:Before we start let me warn you, there is going to be quite an amount of spoiled parts from anime:whoseMan:

Sora and Shiro are two hikikomori siblings who are known in the online gaming world as an undefeated group of gamers named Blank.
One day, they are challenged to a game of chess by a god named...
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Girls & Panzer

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Girls & Panzer


Action, Military, School

12 Episodes (Fall 2012)
Minor Spoilers Below

What's not to love about schoolgirls and Tanks! An action-packed series about the sport of "Senshadou" using WWII-tanks in battles of elimination. Girls-only to show cultural appreciation of females towards men. Girls & Panzer focuses on main character Miho Nishizumi she comes from a family with a long history in the sport of Senshadou, however, after an incident wanted nothing more to do with the sport. She chose to attend Oorai Girls High School as their Senshadou program was being discontinued. Miho, however, gets pressured into joining as the school...
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Princess Mononoke

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Mononke Hime (Princess Monoke)


Anime: Movie
Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Spoilers Below

Princess Mononoke was a fantastic film by Studio Ghibli. Personally i rate it above the likes of My Neighbor Totoro and Howl's Moving Castle. The movie itself was filled with engrossing scenes from beginning to end. In the span of two hours and ten minutes i had learned enough about the characters and the problems in the land to develop my likes/dislikes for characters, relate the plot to current world-issues and see character's change their views entirely. Princess Mononoke's (San) life was altered forever when as a child her parents threw her to the wolf goddess Moro to save their own lives, instead...
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Gakkougurashi! (School Live)

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Gakkougurashi! (School Live)

12 Episodes (Summer 2015)

*Spoilers Below*

Falling into the Slice of Life, Horror, School, Psychological categories Gakkougurashi! (School Live) was a real treat. Main character Yui Takeya is a carefree girl just attending her school, living her life day in and out. What we soon realize is that her school life is a bit strange. Things don't seem to add up, flashes of empty classrooms, a broken window, stains on the floor, all a mystery until a few episodes in. The anime does a fantastic job in terms of pacing despite being only 12 episodes. Along the way we meet her friends sharing her "school life" Kurumi Ebisuzawa (noted by always carrying a trusty short-shovel) , Yuuri...

Initial D

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Media: Anime
Name: Initial D
MAL Score: 8.29
Episodes: 87
Seasons: 10 (Movies included)
Genres: Action, Cars, Drama, Seinen, Sports
About the anime:
:dopecat:Before we start let me warn you, there is going to be quite an amount of spoiled parts from anime.

The protagonist, Takumi Fujiwara, is a gas station attendant working with his friend Itsuki to buy a car, which they plan to drift on the twisting roads surrounding nearby Mount Akina. Unbeknownst to his colleagues, Takumi moonlights as a tofu delivery driver for his father's store before sunrise each morning, passively building an impressive amount of skill behind the wheel of the family car, an...
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