Death Parade Anime Review

Media: Anime
Name: Death Parade
MAL Score: 8.26/10
Episodes: 12
Genres: Game, Mystery, Psychological, Drama, Thriller 

About the anime

Before we start let me warn you, there is going to be quite an amount of spoiled parts from anime.

After death, there is no heaven or hell. Whenever someone dies they get sent to the bar(s). When the souls leave the elevator and enter the bar they will meet mysterious bartenders (also known as arbiters). They will ask questions and gives them several explanations till the time comes when they tell them to play a game. The bartender threatens the souls with an illusion of them in an unfortunate situation. With this, he tells them that if they don’t play the game that might happen to them.

As the souls accept to play the game, the bartender gives them a button, in which case the game will be chosen. Whilst the game starts the bartender starts to judge the two souls. While playing the game each soul will remember bits from their last moments before their death. When the game ends bartenders will decide which soul will go to the void and which soul will be sent for reincarnation.

Of course, without the pain, there is no game! As the souls play the game they might get a different pain in their body, as thanks to that, they get to remember the last bits before the death. In some cases, the game might lead to huge conflicts which might end with the other soul wanting to kill the other one.

Several things get explained. In the end, one of the bartenders, which did not have any emotions, finally manages to find them thanks to a soul which was working in a bar at that time, but what happened to the soul, that might be interesting.

I personally enjoyed it, rated it with a score of 9. There have been rumors around the websites from people, that there might be a 2nd season. As I didn’t want to spoil much about each game and each soul history the review ended up kinda pretty short. I think I didn’t miss much about the anime.

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