Overlord Anime Review Pt. 1

Name: Overlord
Media: Anime
MAL Score: 8.06/10, 7.92/10, 8.11/10
Episodes: 36 (total in 3 seasons)
Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Game, Magic, Supernatural

This review will be divided into two parts, as I cannot fit everything I want to tell about this masterpiece in one review. So in this part I will be talking about the story and characters. The review contains some spoilers, so watch out. Enjoy!


Video games have always served as a way for people to entertain themselves, a way to pass one’s time, and for others as a means to escape from real life and immerse themself in a world where one can live and do as one desires to.
Adapted from the light novel of Kugane Maruyama, Overlord follows the sudden change of reality for the character Momonga as he suddenly finds himself in a new world together with a team of former NPCs turned into fanatically loyal servants in tow, with his life about to suddenly change in a way never thought possible.

The setting

Initially set in the late 2130s, the story follows the character Momonga who had chosen to stay online during the last hour of service for the DMMO-RPG (Dive Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games) Yggdrasil, which was to shut down its servers following a decade of service, only to wake up in a new and unknown world as the ingame character he had been playing as. Waking up alongside him in this unknown world, given consciousness and life, are the many servants and former NPCs of the guild he was in, along with the great tomb that housed it during the service of Yggdrasil.
Through the adventures and exploits of the former salaryman Momonga and his following of fanatically loyal servants goes through in this new and strange world they are finding themselves in, the show’s plot progression introduces the viewer to the world’s many factions and the people who are members of them.

With a deep world building from start to finish, a thing that in my eyes manages to set the story of Overlord apart from the crowd and ranks of isekai stories, is through how it handles the many elements of its story and the qualities of its characters, able to keep their offence capabilities balanced through providing the characters with built-in flaws in their personalities which can be used as a means to lower their guard if figured out.

The characters

What truly can make or break a story like the one Overlord is working with, is most importantly what sort of characters that is introduced in it as it progresses through the story’s plot, along with how these characters evolve along it. From Momonga, the guild master and ruler of the Great Tomb of Nazarick, the fanatically faithful followers in the former npcs under him, to the humans and beings of the new world our main characters were put into, each character we are given not only serve a purpose within the story but also has qualities that doesn’t cause them to significantly overlap with the rest.

With a highly diverse cast introduced across and throughout the series’ episodes and factions, the viewer is given a look into how the events that occur not only benefits the denizens of the Great Tomb of Nazarick, but also into how they affect the lives of those around them as they solidify their position within the new world. While the majority of the characters go through heavy development, the one who evolves the most is the character of Momonga, a person who himself doesn’t feel he fits well in a leadership position being forced into a tough and difficult situation as he is suddenly required to act as the supreme being his underlings regards him as, taking the name of the guild he and his friends labored so hard to create as his own, evolving through the encounters and situations that he gets thrown into and involved with.

That’s all for now, the second part will be posted really soon, so stay tuned!

Written by Steenberg.

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Granblue Fantasy Anime Game Review Pt. 6 – Music and Conclusion

The sixth part of this review is all about the music in Granblue Fantasy and the review will be concluded in this article.

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The music in this game is very pleasing to the ears. You’ll be sitting there reading the story and the music just emphasises what you’re reading and it just engrossing you into the story. The main menu music will get stuck in your head, the shop has its own music. This all creates a memorable experience and just give you a good feeling about the game. OH BOY don’t get me started on the raid music, you’ll just be doing the raid normally then BAM the music kicks in and just ooohhhh does it feel nice to listen to them. The older raids have pretty generic music but the newer raids; man ohhh man are they good. I often find myself singing along to the newer raids music and even some of the sound tracks have generated their own memes of how ridiculously good they are.


Man this review is LONG! I do apologise the amount of text you had to read but oh my gosh, I deeply love this game. Hopefully you could get that feeling. Anyways this game has so much content, it has insane amounts of things to do and can often overwhelm you. But man can this lead to a rewarding and often “Hell Yeah (fist raised)” moments when things just go right for you. Especially the gacha rolls oh boy are there a roller coaster of emotions. There is so much I’ve left out because it’s not much of an experience if I tell you what’s so great about every fine detail.

Overall hopefully I tried to achieve my goal of piquing your interest of picking up this game, since this game originally started from a mobile/web browser app you can legit farm anywhere. I often see myself playing the game when I’m going to work or even on my lunch breaks! I do agree that it can be a bit off putting and it might not interest you however just give the game a little bit of your attention.

I’m very grateful and very glad that you took your time to read this review that was passionately written by me, This is the very first ever game Review on Anime.sh and I hoped you enjoyed it! I want to Sincerely Thank You! <3 for reading all of it; personally writing this review has been extremely satisfying!

Granblue Fantasy Anime Game Review Pt. 5 – Art

The fifth part of this review is all about the art and design in Granblue Fantasy.

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The art in this game is absolutely beautiful. Producers have put a lot of effort and time into passionately designing characters to make them look pleasing. The designers and art team have really fleshed out the character designs. There are the base art style of the characters then there are their upgraded versions, there’s the MC art and all the classes, the background, the NPCs. There’s so much of it and it really makes this game visually pleasing. Oh I also forgot! A lot of detail and precision has gone into designing the raid bosses. Over the years Cygames has greatly improved their art style. Newly designed characters demonstrate this. The amount of extra detail that was given to the characters are absolutely breathtaking. It’s better off to show you what I mean rather than boast about it through text.

Doesn’t those designs look beautiful? The battle designs are all chibi based too have a gander!

These are all cute and show off the personality of the character your playing. The designs that are shown to you are at every corner of the game, it’s just so good looking!

Written by Beta.

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Granblue Fantasy Anime Game Review Pt. 4 – Story

The forth part of this review is all about the story in Granblue Fantasy.

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In the universe of Granblue Fantasy, you are playing a character (Male or Female; you can change it on the fly) that is the child of a famous Skyfarer. You dream is to follow in his footsteps and reach the mythical realm of Astrals. Then after that, finally reach the mythical island of Ustalucia. Your adventure takes you to multiple flying islands where you meet all unique characters. You would often get yourself involved with the islands issues. Since you’re such a nice player you decide to help them. This would help you achieve your goal of collecting all the Sky Maps from each Skydome. This would give you a hint on how to get to Ustalucia. You must fight the islands Primal Beast to receive these Map Pieces however these battles aren’t easy.

As the story progresses you start creating you own team of skyfares to travel with you. These are your friends that will stick with you through thick and thin. They’re willing to go on this crazy adventure with you to see how far the skies can go.

The story gets really engaging. Overall there are a lot of emotional moments that have led me to be very teary eyed. The later chapters are extremely well written and enjoyable to read. A lot of the characters that you meet in your travels still have a part in the overall story. They contribute to the lore.

Each Character that joins your crew either via Gacha, Story Progression or Events/Collabs have their own Fate Episodes. These further give them more character development. Finishing their fate story can give that character an upgrade and that juicy juicy crystals to feed towards your spark. As the game gets updated there is more story to read. As of writing this review there’s a total of 126 Chapters and we’re nowhere near the Astral Realm.

Written by Beta.

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Granblue Fantasy Anime Game Review Pt. 3 – Gacha

Third part of a big review is all about gacha content in Granblue Fantasy: is it playable without paying real money and how donate can influence the game.

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Alright, this is the most important part for this whole Granblue Fantasy review. You probably have a question “Do I have to sink any money into this?” or “Is this game Pay-to-Win? (P2W)”. Let’s first try to answer both these questions first;

  1. No, you don’t have to sink any money into this game at all, you can start from Day 1 and hit endgame with not spending a single cent in the game. All the microtransaction consist of spicy skins for characters, more gacha pulls or even items that help you with progression. However all the items and Gacha pulls can be earnt through gameplay.
  2. Definitely Not, this game doesn’t promote any P2W methods. You can spend money for more pulls, but to be frank with you all the gacha pulls can be earned if you are patient enough.

For the Gacha Pulls, there is a currency called crystals, plus there are tickets that help you towards the Pity System called a spark. By saving 300 pulls you’re able to specifically select a unit that’s within the banner. The best advice – to wait for special banners that increase the SSR rates or when the best characters are in + the SSR boosts at the same time. It can be extremely tempting to pull for units every banner but you won’t get anywhere by doing that. So just save all your pulls for a Spark – it’s worth it. You can be extremely lucky and get other strong characters as well as getting the unit you wanted.

Granblue Fantasy is extremely rewarding. It’s one of the most generous games I’ve played in a while. You get crystals from literally anything in game. You get tickets more than you get crystals. As you can see the game just rewards you for just playing. Don’t even get me started on the events – this is the prime time to get crystals and tickets. So as you can see this game can be completely free, it’s entirely up to you if you want to support the company or not.

Written by Beta.

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Granblue Fantasy Anime Game Review Pt. 2 – Gameplay

In this part we will finish with gameplay and set the route to other interesting features Granblue Fantasy has. Enjoy!

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Class System

Having so much range and almost unlimited amounts of team comps and strategies, your MC has to keep up with all of it. That’s why developers have implemented a special class system. This really distinguishes what type of player you are. You have your generic Tank, Damage Dealer and Healer. However, Granblue Fantasy is too cool for that. It has even more classes that fit a specific type of playstyle or a goal you want to try and achieve.

There are multiple tiers (4 tiers) and each tier is better than their last class tier adding additional effects and bonuses to the class. In addition to these Tiers there are 2 special tiers: EX1 and EX2. The classes there are completely different from the other tiered classes as they are completely unique and have a completely different playstyle. I’m not going to go into detail I want you to experience them yourself. You could say they’re quite special 😏.


Well I’ve got the foundation laid out, let’s get into the Raids. If you think GBF is all about a single-player experience, you’re quite wrong! This is where the coveted raids come in. There is quite a lot of raids in this game. They consist of other players joining and helping you fight the boss. You can have 30, 18 and 6 member raids. This can often be chaotic because having so many players all trying to damage and kill the boss at the same time can often lead to your team being wiped. There are players that are a bit inconsiderate to other members. They often can one-shot the boss or just power through, leaving you unable to get the maximum amount of rewards; or you can just be a complete badass and just solo raids. Since there are so many raids and some are incredibly hard to solo.

Cygames really emphasis team work in Granblue Fantasy , especially with the newer raids that come out. These raids have so many mechanics that you can learn through trial and error or you could research. I’ve made so many memorable moments learning the hard way about a specific mechanic within a raid and discussing it with others. This game truly makes you want to improve and discuss the game with other players.

Gameplay Loop

This is probably the part that will really make or break a game for people. Gameplay loops are in every game and how it’s handled can really enrich or ruin the game. GBF’s gameplay loop is all towards progression and early on it’s insanely intimidating. When you start off you have such an enormous wall in front of you, however please don’t be disheartened about this. This game rewards effort. you can play casual or hardcore it’s entirely up to you and how much you enjoy the game.

The gameplay loop consist of farming and almost more non-stop farming. This game is often referred to Grindblue Fantasy and the name doesn’t lie. You farm raids that have a chance for dropping weapons that go into your weapon grid (weapon grids buff your team by giving them unique buff and HP/ATK stats too) and then you farm more! By farming and getting more weapons to improve your team you’re able to beat harder and harder raids. Truly this is the gameplay loop. It can really make things really difficult or even stale (at some point) for players. I enjoy this gameplay loop as it reminds me of World of Warcraft or any other MMORPGs. It’s incredibly satisfying seeing your progression go from smol bean to a buff gorilla. You can gain insane amounts of progression from day 1. Personally, I would set small goals and an overall main goal to aim towards. This tries to attempt to keep the game relatively fresh and avoid the “this game is stale now” thought.


This game can get some really cool collaborations, As the writing of this review there’s a Code Geass Collab going on where you can get all the MCs from the Anime. In the past there have been an Attack on Titan, Detective Connan, Love Live!, The Tales Series, Street Fighter, Persona 5 and they even had a McDonalds Collab.

I guess, that is all for the Gameplay part, so in next posts we will talk about other features.

Written by Beta.

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Granblue Fantasy Anime Game Review Pt. 1 – Introduction

Let’s get this out of the way first; this is a gacha game. It means that it’s a free-to-play game with the mechanic of collecting heroes and weapons that you can obtain with varying rarity from a roulette.There is a bit of monetisation to this game HOWEVER Granblue Fantasy is completely Free-to-Play (F2P). This means that you can start the game and hit endgame without sinking any cash into this game at all.

Alrighty, since we’ve got the vital point out of the way first, let’s get right into the finer details on why you should play this game. The article will be divided in several parts, so we would cover all the stuff! In this part we will fully discuss the gameplay.


This section will be relatively long because Granblue Fantasy (GBF) has such an in-depth gameplay mechanic. I’ll try my best to explain it in layman’s terms. I will put it into two parts, as there is a lot to tell about!

GBF is a turn-based strategy Japanese Role Playing Game (JRPG) where you’re given a party consisting of a total of 6 members. 3 Front-line members that start the battle off with the Main Character and 2 Back-line members, that support and replace dead members. There is also a summon mechanic that allows you to call specific summons. They can give you unique buffs or even debuff the enemy, and this can truly change the tide of battle. Each member has a set of skills they can use, as well as a unique “Ultimate Attack” or Charge Attack. These charge attacks can be achieved by having your characters do a normal attack or use certain skills. Charge Attacks are extremely strong and have unique activation buffs/skills that can really aid the team. The best way I can describe the game it’s very close to Final Fantasy 7 in its combat.

Since there are so many unique heroes, there is a tier system to them. These tiers consist of Rare, Super Rare and Super Super Rare (R, SR, SSR). Each of these characters have beautiful artwork and cute little chibi forms (in battle). There are so many characters and they usually have copies of themselves. To easily distinguish each character, there is a special system. This is where we get into the Elemental Wheel. There are 6 Elements in the game in total: Wind, Earth, Water, Fire. Then there are the two edgy elements; Light and Dark. Having all these different elements allow having multiple different parties that have an advantage over a specific element. Can you guess what element beats which?

Written by Beta.

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Great Teacher Onizuka Anime Review

Media: Anime
Name: Great Teacher Onizuka
MAL Score: 8.72/10
Episodes: 43
Genres: Comedy, Drama, School, Shounen, Slice of Life


I don’t usually watch any school-related or slice-of-life anime, since they don’t usually show anything interesting and just copy each other. But there is one pretty old title I would like to talk about this time. This anime was one of my first I have watched back on TV and that was a pure fun. It is “Great Teacher Onizuka”, released by Studio Pierrot, that took part in producing most popular titles like Naruto, Bleach, Belzebub, Tokyo Ghoul and etc.

The setting

The story is about a former biker gang leader Eikichi Onizuka, who has decided to start a new life of a normal person to find some sweet girls. And for that idea he has aimed to become the greatest teacher – teachers are always in contact with some cute high-school girls, so why not. But when he takes the position, he actually finds out that it is not easy to just teach pupils. He is assigned to the worst class in terms of behavior, that want to drive the new class teacher out. Unfortunately, Onizuka is not a normal one, huh.

Onizuka’s Teaching Style

The show is filled with a big number of lewd jokes, humour in general, but it mixes with the story overall and school environment so much. Despite Onizuka being a full pervert and a bad person overall, he teaches the students in his own way, and that way works! He slowly makes the whole class change their attitude towards the teachers and become friends with him. And this opens different opportunities to Onizuka himself, so that is a win-win.

But what about design?

The design there is quite ok, since the show has aired in 1999-2000. That is, you can say, the classics, that is how most shows have been drawn at that time, so I don’t really mind it. You can see this art in early series of Naruto or even Evangelion, and that is why for people, who grew on those shows, this might hook up. Also I cannot say anything about the OST, since it is pretty normal. But that normalty perfectly fits in describing the everyday school life.


Overall, GTO is a perfect example of a good slice of life/school show with a good amount of humour, which doesn’t lose its sharm and keeps on entertaining people. I eagerly recommend it for everyone to watch it – it doesn’t have any action or fights, so just relax and have fun.

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Mahoutsukai no Yome (The Ancient Magus’ Bride) Anime Review

Name: Mahoutsukai no Yome
Media: Anime
MAL Score: 8.21
Episode Count: 24
Genres: Slice of Life, Fantasy, Magic, Shounen

May contain story related spoilers for the Mahoutsukai no Yome anime ahead.


As the Fall 2017 anime season came around, a certain show caught my interest as I had recently read the ongoing manga it was adapted. This show was Mahoutsukai no Yome, being adapted from the manga of Kore Yamazaki into an anime by Wit Studio.

The story follows the 15 year old japanese girl Chise Hatori, who due to the events of her past has given up her own freedom by offering herself up for auction. When a mysterious figure named Elias makes the winning bid, her life is about to change in a way she may have never thought of before.


Set in modern day England, the story follows the character Chise Hatori and her life living with her teacher Elias Ainsworth, a centuries old magus, who at the very start of the series bought Chise at an auction house of magi and sorcerers. This act might initially get the viewer to think dark topics involving slaves might be a part of the series. However, these thoughts are quickly removed as the events goes on and the plot of the show unfolds further.

The story and world building this series brings with it is nothing short of fantastic. It manages to flesh out the world and events that its characters run into while preventing the air from going stale throughout it. Through these characters we get introduced to the way fae and magi interact, assist, and live with each other through their day to day business, built on respect between both parts involved.

A thing that the show manages to do perfectly as the story and plot goes on during the first 3/4ths of the show, is never allowing for the scales and balancing of events to sway too much in either direction, answering periods of bright moments with equally dark moments, both progressing the story and opening up the world to the viewer in both its past and current time, while building up to the eventual culmination of the show in the final part and end of the series.

The characters

What I feel the show does better than the source material it was raised from is the fleshing out of its characters as their story evolves through it. That feels easier to notice with the impact the voice actors has on them. With a highly diverse cast of characters each serving their own position in the story, the show manages to keep them all relevant without causing an overlap in what each character does to progress the story.

As the story evolves with each episode, the biggest character developments can found be with our two main characters. On the one hand, Elias learns to understand the meaning of emotions previously unknown to him that he begins to experience as time goes on. On the other hand, Chise evolving into the character she is meant to be, earning her the sense of belonging she has needed and longed for since her early life.

Art & Soundtrack

Throughout the show the hard labor brought into the adaptation of the source manga for TV shines through clear as day in the artistic efforts provided by the staff working on it, giving the show amazing visuals of the bright idyllic landscapes of the english countryside, the busy everyday life in the streets of London, and the magical world of the shows fairy-like beings. Again and again as every episode goes by, the dedication put into the making of the show by Wit Studio never falters.

Through the characters designs, the world’s environmental designs, and the amazing efforts on everything from even the smallest to the largest of details, The Ancient Magus’ Bride earns its place as one of the few masterpieces of the season. A notable example of the dedication given to this series by the arts team behind it can be seen in the sequence for the phoenix transformation of episode 12, and in moments throughout the show where magic is being performed by the magi and fairies.

As a match to fit with the artistic efforts brought on by the staff at Wit Studio, the sound design and voice acting lies at a level equal to that of the art design itself, bringing life to the world created by Kore Yamazaki with OST soundtracks that even on their own are quite enjoyable and fits in perfectly with the setting, the time in which the story takes place, and during the events of the show as they happen.


Originally having read the manga that this show was adapted from, going into the anime I already had a feeling of what I was going to see come out of it and already had some reservations about what my opinion on it would be, while hoping Wit Studio would not just adapt the manga but also give color, life, and sound to what was already a fantastic story. These reservations were soon blown away by how fantastic the adapting had been done, pulling me deeper into the show and story within than the manga initially managed to do.

With the story, character progression, amazing animations and soundtracks being on point throughout the show and managing to successfully bring the life and magic to the show that I was hoping for, my final score for the show overall is going to be a 9,5 out of 10, and will be giving my recommendations for others to check this show out for themselves.

Written by Steenberg.
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Psycho Pass Season 1 Anime Review

Media: Anime
Name: Psycho Pass
MAL Score:8.43/10
Genres: Action, Police, Psychological, Sci-fi

About Psycho Pass

The justice and enforcement of it, has changed. In the 22nd century, Japan brings out the sibyl system which purpose is to determinate each citizens threat level by their mental state for signs of criminal intent, which is called Psycho-Pass. The Inspectors which work for the Public Safety Bureau uphold the law by taking care of the criminals with lethal force, harboring the slightest ill-will; alongside them are the Enforcers, Inspectors that have become latent criminals, granted freedom for carrying out the Inspectors’ dirty work.

The main protagonist is Akane Tsunemori, a young woman for her desire to uphold justice being the only being able to be a Inspector from the tests. She thinks if it is the right choice for her to be a Inspector and does she deserve it really. She is working alongside an Enforcer Shinya Kougami, she starts to realise the sibyl system judgment may not be perfect as the other Inspectors assume. With that Akane wrestles with question what the justice truly is, and whether it can be upheld through the system that may be already corrupt.

The Sibyl System revolves around each citizens mental state and their intent. Doing crimes or something illegal will raise the Psycho Pass rate by some amount. When criminal rate is 100 target is seen with non lethal method of taking them out and the possibility of mental care which can fix their Psycho Pass ratings back to normal state. Targets with the 300 Criminal rating are seen as lethal action and latent criminals which have done more serious crimes that sibyl has seen.


Psycho Pass is an interesting anime which is done with a decent plot and makes you want to really watch it. Characters having their own depth and uniques that they have. Akane trying to find the true answer what sibyl is and does it actually tell the truth. The animations and use CGI is something they did well enough.

My own experience what i got from watching Psycho Pass was enjoyable and exciting. I loved the opening and ending how they did that. The anime had its moments of excitement and humour mixed in there being a person who also loves these police or Sci-fi types was a good fit for me

My final rating of this anime is 9 out of 10. The art, CGI and the way they used music fit nicely together while also making a decent plot. The anime making you think about stuff. Seeing how Akane stays strong and seeks for the answer.

Written by Juhani.
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