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Edge Of Tomorrow

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Media: Movie
Name: Edge Of Tomorrow
IMDb Score: 7.9/10
Genres: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
:yayyyy:Before we start, this thread is going to contain spoilers from the movie so it is up to you if you are going to read this or not!:yayyyy:

Major William Cage gets thrown into a suicide task as a traitor to fight against aliens. It starts at the military camp where he gets waked up by a commander, who later on leads him into a tent where the Cage will live till the battle. Finally, the day comes when he needs to go to the place to fight against the aliens. As the battle starts a lot of people die in it one of them being Cage as well.
After the death, Major...
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MVP:Most Valuable Primate

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Media: Movie
Name: MVP: Most Valuable Primate
IMDb Score: 3.9/10
Genres: Comedy, Family, Sports
:partyHard:Before we start, this thread is going to contain spoilers from the movie so it is up to you if you are going to read this or not!:partyHard:

A chimpanzee named Jack is used in a long termed experiment by Dr. Kendall. In the experiments, Jack learns to communicate with sign language and do other stuff. In one day everything changes when Jack gets sold off to a medical lab. If this is not the worst case Dr. Kendall in one of the nights while reading a book and eating cookies dies...
After finding Jack in a tree house the deaf girl, Tara, gets scared, but later on becomes friends with him. The biggest surprise was...
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Terminal Rush

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Media: Movie
Name: Terminal Rush
IMDb Score: 4.2/10
Genres: Action
:ohoh:Before we start, this thread is going to contain spoilers from the movie so it is up to you if you are going to read this or not! (also contain blood-related scenes):ohoh:

In one peaceful day, a group of terrorists storms a local city dam and takes workers as hostages. In exchange, they want money or they will kill all the hostages and explode the dam. In this situation special units tries to do something with a helicopter but unfotunately terrorists destroy it with rocket launcher. As the unit storms in the entrance, terrorists blow it up showing them that it is meaningless to do anything against them.

Local officer Jacob...

Azur Lane

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Azur Lane

Azur lane is a mobile side scrolling, shoot 'em up game. Available from the google play store/app store almost everywhere around the world. This game is a waifu filled, loving game where the commander (which is you) is asked to lead a fleet of ship girls against the 'evil' Crimson axis.
This game offers multiple customisable options from skins for almost all of the 276 available ship girls. Gacha rates for ship girls is reasonable, expect good ships Skins for attacks such as airstrikes and torpedoes. A customisable dorm for your ship girls(kind of like housing for them). This game is 100% F2P, with options of paying for gems and other cosmetics.
The main world setting is as follows:

" This is a blue planet, 71% of its surface is covered with water. Human beings were born in this azure blue sea at the very beginning. However, as humanity grew, so did their...

Big Mommas Like Father, Like Son

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Media: Movie
Name: Big Mommas Like Father, Like Son
IMDb Score: 4.4/10
Genres: Action, Comedy, Crime
:yay:Before we start, this thread is going to contain spoilers from the movie so it is up to you if you are going to read this or not!:yay:

Special FBI agent Malcolm has to cover and backup one guy from few dealers which require a flash drive which contains several different important files. As the dealers receive the flash drive they instantly test the content inside of it to find out that it was empty. As the shooting starts the guy starts to run away.

While everything was going on Trent, the son of Malcolm, was following his dad to get him to sign up the documents for his...

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